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Spell check of count

Correct spelling: count

total, sum up, store, batch, album, baron, evaluate, come before, ledger, quantification, depend, evaluation, deal, supposition, count on, view, program, consort, invoice, expect, opine, sum, allegation, exclude, computation, work out, logbook, storybook, guess, collect, suppose, book, rank, document, grand total, annals, eliminate, impeachment, counting, approximation, deduce, division, add up, allowance, manifest, account, grievance, play, turn over, wait, amount, annual, aggregate, capacity, forecast, itemise, complaint, notebook, case, journal, index, approximate, plot, misdeed, number, algorithm, the sum total, lawsuit, baroness, quantize, judge, search, peer, tale, conclude, baronet, prosecution, table, include, registry, front, law-breaking, calculate, addition, attend, consideration, see, determination, shut out, calculus, thesaurus, itemize, aggregation, categorize, budget, summary, docket, scrapbook, check, wager, deduction, citation, appraise, audit, diary, blank-book, repertory, summons, inventory, reckoning, implication, rap, journalize, surmise, running total, offense, face, emphasize, record, digest, cast, subpoena, matter, collection, cipher, import, system, baronetcy, signify, register, plan, deliberate, totality, imagine, determine, summarize, dictionary, menu, beat, assess, presume, calculation, calendar, pad, correction, lexicon, add, statement, systematize, numeration, measure, chronicle, novel, charge, tally, roster, librate, keep down, debate, regard, project, indictment, compute, thought, debar, triangulation, archduke, method, classify, estimate, file, scheme, tell, seem, waybill, schedule, look, triangulate, enumerate, arithmetic, recount, value, tabulate, think, writ, deem, run, nobleman, conceive, figuring, score, aristocracy, scroll, judgement, bank-book, accusation, criminality, summation, conclusion, documentation, divide, dominate, important, keep out, detail, come, list, inference, backlog, catalog, action, aristocrat, suit, itemization, repetition, appear, reckon, balance, study, bracket, whole, hearing, multiplication, workbook, believe, rationalize, consider, prove, press, algebra, valuation, roll, assessment, enumeration, countess, note, aim, grade, gauge, cypher, illegality, take care, recite, appraisal, bar, group, await, affidavit, rule out, sort, quantify, yearbook, infer, daybook, estimation, mathematics, bill, predominate, multiply, attempt, log, except, costing, arraignment, lord, measurement, figure, numbering, tablet, take, presumption, direct, statistics, moot, crime, accumulation, rate, allocation, abound, characterize, block, treasury, cash book, look at, numerate, bet, throng, swarm, history, litigation, recording, census, weigh, earl, class.

Examples of usage:

1) That does not count. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Count it oot, Ellen, count it oot! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Oh, that isn't quite all there is to it, I know- I'm not a fool who can only see one thing- but it's a thing that should count a great deal. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.