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Spell check of add

Correct spelling: add

triangulate, obtain, sort, amplify, tell off, procure, net, hang on, expand, quantify, tote up, arrange, prove, correspond, lead, institute, confer, provide, convey, adjoin, conduce, tot up, accrue, retrieve, compute, make for, begin, reinforce, grow, amount, summarize, resume, jibe, foot, reckon, acquire, bring, rationalize, tack on, conduct, make up, think, render, collect, range, tot, second, number, receive, boost, heap, appraise, secure, escort, attention deficit disorder, infer, minimal brain damage, calculate, give, accumulate, augment, surmise, conclude, join, quantize, issue, bring in, purchase, determine, chalk up, score, burgeon, add together, summate, incur, upgrade, suppose, tally, buy, wrangle, totalize, carry, attend, maximize, count in, scheme, involve, organize, divide, include, lengthen, allergy, figure, rate, amenorrhea, subjoin, layer, plot, reap, broaden, take, capture, claim, continue, extend, enlarge, accessorize, rack up, tack, alcoholism, acne, adorn, cast up, come, tag on, increase, measure, impart, embrace, harvest, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, pass on, go on, pocket, consider, wreak, weigh, summarise, check, rank, work, cast, assess, study, palm, project, multiply, enumerate, supply, furnish, hyperkinetic syndrome, catch, judge, widen, amass, garnish, count, count up, bag, total, tote, adhd, lend, gibe, order, alopecia, estimate, throw in, presume, assume, win, corner, guess, loan, cater, collate, open, decrease, approximate, minimal brain dysfunction, fetch, lure, put up, incorporate, aggregate, add on, supplement, get out, ply, plan, amnesia, value, chaperone, match, sum up, deduce, heighten, affix, build in, unite, channel, garner, attain, amenorrhoea, acidity, schedule, systematize, fit, combine, add up, convoy, run over, agree, fatten, transmit, get, take in, advance, make sense, reply, lay out, hit, magnify, append, MBD, account, increment, subtract, chip in, annex, evaluate, inflate, contribute, bestow, land, leave, attach, elevate, bring up, kick in, pile, raise, sum, accompany, program, play, gauge.

abate, take away, abbreviate, dissever, shorten, separate, withdraw, contract, abstract, take out, remove, deduct, disconnect, excise, cut, sever, decrease, lop, subtract, lessen, lower, disjoin, bate, constrict, cut back, curtail, knock off, abridge, take off, compress, retrench, unfasten, condense, reduce, diminish, amputate, detach.

Examples of usage:

1) Something impelled him to add, " But a terrible thing when it comes to one so young, so beautiful, as was your wife!" - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) When the Latitude left and the difference of Latitude are both North or both South, add them. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.