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Spell check of determination

Correct spelling: determination

exemplification, possibility, trial, gauge, mediation, unraveling, method, stopping point, triangulation, mathematics, certitude, thought, decisiveness, calculation, algorithm, resolution, schedule, specimen, measurement, guts, design, demonstration, induction, persistence, strength, undauntedness, revelation, investigation, preference, viscidity, aim, award, close, inclination, information, decidedness, research, nerve, score, diligence, choice, identification, bullheadedness, hardihood, persistency, heart, guess, reckoning, inference, scheme, system, staunchness, tendency, adjudication, sequitur, intent, stiffness, finish, headstrongness, elicitation, coolness, assessment, decision, realization, attestation, fact, value, stoniness, trueness, validation, pluck, detection, constancy, finding, alternative, statement, obstinacy, intransigence, solution, vigor, acquisition, stick-to-itiveness, presumption, autocracy, data, development, bravery, ruling, role, confirmation, stubbornness, plot, law, closing, steadfastness, causality, establishment, corroboration, endeavor, decision-making, wish, authentication, election, selection, decree, volition, backbone, deposition, illustration, diagnosis, irresolution, end, grit, computation, quotation, conviction, indication, vacillation, mark, dauntlessness, determinedness, declaration, conclusion, object, verification, test, evidence, firmness, causation, purposefulness, perseverance, devotion, self-confidence, tally, consequence, desire, valuation, indomitability, support, certainty, proof, option, algebra, hardness, exposure, result, supposition, self-assurance, observation, faithfulness, estimation, construction, cultivation, multiplication, toughness, will, espial, costing, analysis, disclosure, exhibit, testimony, motivation, judgment, experiment, quantification, probe, courage, statistics, tirelessness, arbitration, heartiness, certification, ascertainment, decide, correction, sum, documentation, evaluation, verdict, moxie, fortitude, confidence, indefatigability, consideration, calculus, discretion, self-reliance, drive, stamina, intrepidity, spunk, connotation, appraisal, finale, pick, sand, energy, hesitation, resolve, last, purpose, fearlessness, responsibility, courageousness, plan, enterprise, function, judgement, count, addition, deduction, assurance, account, recognition, intention, ambition, finis, division, mettle, independence, granite, approximation, ratiocination, use, study, justice, arithmetic, perception, dynamism, resoluteness, rank, program, unmasking, ask, apocalypse, boldness, dogmatism, strong, eduction, opinion, counter-evidence, goal, substantiation, doggedness, breakthrough, sentence, discovery, certain, manifestation, free will, total, benchmark, deliverance, answer, aspiration, pronouncement, call, tenacity, fervency, recreation, spontaneity, termination, willpower, valor, edict, creation, enumeration, ending.

draw, hesitation, heedlessness, uncertainty, reluctance, stalemate, irresolution, tie, indecision, indisposition, negligence, irresoluteness, vacillation, disinclination, oversight, deadlock, halt, purposelessness, standoff, neglect, incertitude, aversion, doubt, avoidance, aimlessness, unwillingness, indecisiveness, thoughtlessness, carelessness, indetermination.

Examples of usage:

1) It was the boys' determination to hold on- and another thing- that put new grit in me. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) The public determination of fair rent stands on precisely the same ground. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) He even thought of the prospect that she might regret his determination, and say so, which would greatly please him. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.