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Spell check of account

Correct spelling: account

scotch, assessment, rumor, archive, greenback, benefit, neb, grade, draw, line, use, reprimand, placard, trace, mortgage, consideration, news report, infer, itemization, tally, explicate, determine, collection, forecast, diary, calculus, recital, theme, autobiography, delineate, annual, number, account statement, deduce, why, service, justify, deliberation, collect, check, study, level, chronicle, weight, fable, describe, consequence, look, state, accountancy, esteem, systematize, memorandum, monograph, treatise, guest, peak, rank, cipher, reminiscence, explain, mileage, wherefore, reckon, deem, storey, government note, index, enumerate, reflection, measure, docket, handbill, allegory, calculation, digest, sum up, rendition, calendar, magnitude, prose, invoice, valuation, argument, register, ledger, credit, rate, appraise, flyer, musical score, newsletter, tabulate, discover, multiplication, catalog, episode, fib, merit, bill, approximate, distinguish, banker's bill, punter, table, trust, cypher, newspaper, nest egg, reputation, authority, evaluation, registry, audit, reason, logbook, article, saga, slate, name, notice, news, think, statistics, album, romance, grievance, compute, recount, system, significance, import, floor, taradiddle, message, conclude, epic, score, plan, value, depend, gauge, list, division, book, record, reading, rationalization, census, roster, note, vizor, composition, bank bill, narrate, rationalize, serviceableness, serial, judgement, rationale, grudge, description, thought, report, gossip, annals, epistle, lexicon, card, tablet, accounting system, loan, announcement, recording, fiction, moment, method, novel, performance, asset, key, manifest, scroll, appraisal, subject, presume, divide, narration, consider, bulletin, quantify, journal, tell, waybill, clock, balance, anecdote, quantize, lien, favor, weigh, aim, mark, myth, scenario, broadside, legend, cast, chronology, narrative, method of accounting, avail, deduction, regard, novella, used, motive, tarradiddle, detail, portrayal, conclusion, presumption, treasury, interpretation, visor, supposition, estimation, version, arithmetic, clarify, release, telling, balance sheet, sum, write up, pool, momentousness, document, admiration, commentary, approximation, enumeration, cover, thesaurus, file, bank note, calculate, profit, utility, history, serviceability, broadsheet, menu, yarn, communication, repertory, plot, written report, patron, receipts, surmise, portray, nib, tale, measurement, inventory, identify, profit and loss, flash, respect, dictionary, memoir, circular, inference, pad, justification, dispatch, work out, roll, retell, assess, program, accuse, mathematics, tab, schedule, daybook, biography, determination, view, censure, short story, store, weightiness, draft, posting, perspective, memo, direct, statement, billhook, figure, eyeshade, business relationship, kitty, notebook, key out, plainness, log, accounting, count on, scrapbook, multiply, depict, budget, books, estimate, summarize, report card, story, minute, flier, explanation, summary, parable, answer for, count, computation, information, words, documentation, total, guess, algorithm, bet, banknote, recounting, judge, poster, itemize, appreciation, paper, evaluate, storyline, beak, advantage, prosaicness, pay, scheme, case, client, worth, advisement, yearbook, sexual conquest, add, reckoning, debate, usefulness, honor, suppose, throwaway, grounds.

disfavor, disgust, inferiority, seller, revulsion, disgrace, disregard, merchant, insufficiency, emptiness, hatred, disdain, repulsion, deficiency, condemnation, shopkeeper, dislike, littleness, tradesman, triviality, contempt, paltriness, discredit, hate, odium, disenchantment, displeasure, baseness, detestation, disinclination, vendor, inadequacy, disapproval, poorness, uselessness, abomination, puniness, disrepute, disillusionment, inapplicability, slightness, insignificance, aversion, disappointment, infamy, short shrift, unacceptability, scorn, indignation, opprobrium, pettiness, anonymity, lousiness, meanness, unhappiness, inadequateness, distaste, nausea, shame, dishonor, smallness, antipathy, cheapness, fence, disliking, repugnance, dissatisfaction, obscurity, crumminess, ignominy, broker, inappropriateness, discontent, deprecation, loathing, disgruntlement, worthlessness, valuelessness.

Examples of usage:

1) No, no, my dear friend, on no account. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) It was just on that account I came in here. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) Hear her own account of it, Repton. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.