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Spell check of choice

Correct spelling: choice

lovely, ruling, wizard, primo, first-rate, exemplary, marvelous, graceful, artistic, discriminating, wonder, top, bonny, ace, peachy keen, cherry-picked, predominant, high-class, master, senior, superior, noble, decision, idea, headmost, blue-ribbon, foul-mouthed, schedule, excerption, tremendous, righteous, top-of-the-line, numero uno, favored, mean, agenda, gilt-edged, picking, access, elegant, all-star, X-rated, stellar, incredible, slick, calculation, uppermost, neat, awesome, king, preferred, classic, supernal, intention, prizewinning, woof, furthermost, consummate, dominant, boss, decision-making, fine, dainty, A1, dandy, terrific, plectrum, corking, will, scope, pickax, spontaneity, natural selection, opportunity, judgment, scheme, tasteful, rare, survival of the fittest, divine, ripe, sensational, cracking, best, flower, elect, phat, top-notch, forecast, swell, crude, champion, prospectus, dynamite, chosen, consideration, autocracy, goal, gone, aim, great, select, top-shelf, unsurpassed, proposal, fab, cultivated, forethought, possibility, plectron, zenith, wish, strategy, election, first-class, opening, desire, A plus, superb, procedure, banner, charming, possibilities, determination, favorite, crackerjack, keen, famous, alternative, aesthetic, above par, better, responsibility, A-1, refined, down, four-star, brag, discretion, signal, conclusion, hot, ascendant, ambition, bang-up, selected, elite, volition, fabulous, out-of-sight, tip-top, policy, number one, grand, object, resource, scenario, pick, five-star, survival, supreme, fantastic, capital, pickaxe, commanding, blue, cool, splendid, weft, delicate, leading, maximum, quintessential, vitriolic, first-line, chance, abusive, excellent, dirty, peachy, nifty, decent, obscene, picked, endeavor, frontline, wonderful, bumper, paramount, approach, gangbusters, exceptional, exquisite, most, preference, resolution, sovereign, expectation, immense, window of opportunity, excerpt, topping, furthest, radical, heavenly, boffo, sterling, foremost, par excellence, chief, handpicked, filling, eminent, prize, prime, plan, beautiful, quality, free will, top-flight, crowning, controlling, blue-chip, break, jim-dandy, extract, good, groovy, A-OK, bully, above, first-string, superlative, fantabulous, option, hype, selection, recherché, brave, cream.

gross, coarse, awful, necessity, average, commercial, poor, commonplace, ordinary, wanting, terrible, unacceptable, substandard, raffish, rotten, deficient, common, low-grade, vulgar, second-rate, execrable, mass-produced, kitschy, unsatisfactory, atrocious, bad, unrefined, mediocre, middling, unpolished, popular, uncultured, run-of-the-mill, uncultivated, vile, inferior, lowbrow, pathetic, kitsch, lousy, run-of-the-mine, compulsion, tasteless, wretched, lesser, second-class, rough.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, what is your choice, now that you know my wish? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) " Remember," said the other, " that it was by no choice of his he came here. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) If it comes to a choice, why- let him suffer for his crime. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.