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Spell check of consideration

Correct spelling: consideration

study, fascination, admiration, thought, system, kindliness, expectation, perplexity, recompense, staple, agenda, settlement, affection, care, requital, wish, conjecture, concern, inkling, love, key, ruling, regardfulness, good will, generosity, mindfulness, premise, scheme, reward, immersion, count, experimental condition, judgement, presumption, algorithm, score, debating, introspection, remuneration, triangulation, incident, evidence, charity, assertion, value, hospitality, observation, theme, grant, tally, warmth, context, plum, arithmetic, enumeration, occasion, proposal, procedure, valuation, subject, heedfulness, choice, thoughtfulness, solicitude, considering, approach, pondering, rumination, decision, preoccupation, deliberation, finding, statistics, supposition, forecast, reasoning, basis, assessment, sweetener, image, axiom, attention, conception, debate, tip, pay, issue, difficulty, computation, appreciation, opinion, reflexion, amends, perception, friendliness, inspiration, esteem, sweepstakes, brain work, caution, hypothesis, musing, brainstorm, carrot, ideation, courtesy, essay, aim, notice, scrutiny, emergency, attachment, gift, brooding, fee, account, justice, situation, intentness, scenario, respect, circumstance, alertness, lure, concentration, daydreaming, appraisal, regard, incentive, status, lucubration, diligence, pronouncement, amity, state, argument, conclusion, core, query, object, gauge, cerebration, thesis, guess, factor, inducement, algebra, pass, total, favor, problem, will, award, stimulation, interest, estimation, postulation, tolerance, retainer, kindness, dissertation, multiplication, adjudication, endeavor, division, shape, temptation, advance, entrancement, absorption, contemplation, condition, arbitration, treat, magnitude, kind, extent, weighing, bonus, payback, element, intention, point, policy, honor, support, remittance, quantification, stipulation, rank, plan, liberality, engrossment, sentence, contribution, vision, goal, thinking, measurement, paradigm, enticement, judgment, mediation, considerateness, event, puzzle, inference, atonement, resolution, contention, statement, compensation, deduction, position, tribute, premium, question, text, attentiveness, excite, ambition, down payment, theory, soul-searching, comity, exposition, term, speculation, gratuity, altruism, on account of, wistfulness, enrapture, concept, fancy, watchfulness, setting, assumption, payment, mathematics, focus, priority, matter, reckoning, minutiae, advisement, imagination, strategy, schedule, cause, rapture, cogitation, reflection, meditation, allotment, exigency, prospectus, approximation, wages, essence, determination, analysis, feature, motive, envisioning, design, honorarium, forethought, program, occurrence, plot, for, principle, belief, bounty, idea, calculus, stipend, prize, sum, topic, wage, verdict, calculation, intellection, notion, theorem, method, motif, allowance, friendship, scope, evaluation, servant, precondition, estate, devotion, attitude.

inconsiderateness, thoughtlessness, inconsideration, short shrift.

Examples of usage:

1) " Your Ladyship is full of consideration," said Kate, bitterly. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I had to take it into consideration. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) With a few more remarks about no one having any regard for her wishes, or taking into consideration her nervous state, she began to cheer up remarkably. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.