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Spell check of important

Correct spelling: important

tectonic, main, copernican, meaningful, critical, sturdy, high-ranking, substantive, authoritative, classic, complacent, proud, well-known, much, evidentiary, supercilious, authorized, heavy-duty, chief, high-handed, tangible, most-valuable, first-class, big-wig, big, mighty, self-asserting, distinctive, effectual, arch, talented, uppity, weighty, motivational, all-important, immanent, high-powered, cavalier, fundamental, significant, useful, large, actual, top, stiff-necked, real, overweening, heavy, prideful, operative, illustrious, high-hat, bodily, pivotal, smash, consequential, polar, of import, autocratic, standout, grave, physical, united, leading, influential, noble, notable, biggety, alpha, major, conspicuous, lordly, of the essence, vainglorious, serious, peremptory, solid, pretentious, cardinal, high-and-mighty, highfalutin, self-satisfied, formidable, self-important, pressing, ruling, stuck-up, affect, uppish, impressive, earth-shattering, potent, great, senior, grievous, eminent, marked, firm, noteworthy, classical, prominent, egotistic, meaning, outstanding, imperious, historic, puissant, imposing, controlling, haughty, world-shaking, dignified, superior, self-conceited, big-league, definitive, paramount, palpable, chesty, eventful, presuming, prejudicial, effective, authoritarian, trivial, life-or-death, bumptious, boss, earthshaking, inconsequential, imperative, big-name, swellheaded, epoch-making, in-chief, sniffy, salient, considerable, Midland, self-assertive, famous, grand, central, honored, predominant, arrogant, probative, pompous, urgent, egoistic, vital, dominant, obscure, measurable, primary, crucial, valuable, toplofty, foremost, life-and-death, huffy, prestigious, self-opinionated, huffish, masterful, profound, head, signal, far-reaching, exigent, immodest, monumental, burning, pregnant, presumptuous, relevant, ponderous, strong, world-shattering, distinguished, principal, material, determining, portentous, smug, heavyweight, aristocratic, unknown, substantial, evidential, of value, dictatorial, related, extraordinary, extensive, appreciable, authorised, key, assured, strategic, essential, momentous, vain, lofty, assumptive, supreme, prodigious, remarkable, bigheaded, powerful, epochal, noted, commanding, primal, decisive, necessary.

inconsequent, subdued, niggling, anonymous, compliant, uncelebrated, piffling, cringing, uninfluential, humble, incapable, lowly, demure, unskilled, incompetent, unassuming, minor, deferential, flimsy, footling, powerless, paltry, reserved, nameless, indifferent, modest, mousy, noncrucial, unskillful, infirm, inexpert, diffident, bashful, small-time, acquiescent, frail, fiddling, ineffective, slight, lightweight, nickel-and-dime, overmodest, retiring, negligible, self-reproving, inconsequential, feeble, obscure, little, unobtrusive, cowering, unassertive, introverted, meek, helpless, yielding, weak, trifling, unfit, passive, unaggressive, small, unimportant, inept, immaterial, shrinking, unqualified, trivial, submissive, shy, sheepish, unpretentious, inconsiderable, petty, unknown, impotent, picayune, piddling, potty, lilliputian, insignificant, down-to-earth, timid, worthless, quiet.

Examples of usage:

1) No, sir, not that, though of course it is a most important consideration. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) I've got something important I want to tell you. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) A second condition is scarcely less important, viz. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.