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Spell check of hot

Correct spelling: hot

intense, four-star, riled, apoplectic, savory, fresh, thirsty, corking, brag, sweltry, explosive, gone, bang-bang, spicy, up-to-date, vogue, bang-up, voguish, dizzy, zesty, cyclonic, sensational, calefactory, hammer-and-tongs, sweltering, popular, au naturel, dandy, immense, ruinous, stellar, desirous, naughty, furious, numero uno, hardball, teed off, active, first-rate, dedicated, top-flight, infuriate, zealous, shady, dreamy, close, hazardous, wizard, modish, fortune, radioactive, sensual, superheated, calorifacient, harmful, blue-chip, indignant, parching, bodacious, scorching, expert, satyric, friendly, excited, damaging, present-day, live, fantabulous, fervent, mean, top-shelf, stuffy, crowd-pleasing, well-received, capital, pop, temperate, alive, anxious, birdie, enthralling, raging, galloping, faddy, itchy, exciting, lascivious, igneous, acerbic, randy, first-class, mild, persistent, ultramodern, pyretic, livid, cracking, piquant, torrid, steaming, blue-ribbon, nifty, hypersexual, par excellence, turbulent, rattling, convulsive, frontline, paroxysmal, disastrous, plum, eventful, exotic, marvelous, choo-choo, distracted, agog, heated, voluptuous, whirlwind, clandestine, exhilarating, five-star, ultrahot, solicitous, motivated, greedy, injurious, hype, stormy, rapid-fire, snappy, roasting, wild, foaming, speedy, keen, dynamite, dishy, pungent, cross, good, competitive, warming, favorite, perilous, savoury, warm, libidinous, outraged, fiery, desire, select, sulphurous, burning, primo, gamey, mod, dangerous, fabulous, risque, molten, histrionic, wroth, boss, dramatic, able, ticked, flaming, chocolate, impatient, prime, groovy, meaningful, blood-and-guts, thermal, raring, voracious, singular, wonderful, tumultuous, al dente, state-of-the-art, febrile, smoky, acclaimed, attractive, hunky, acidic, swell, cheesed off, super, number one, searing, deep-fried, calefactive, incandescent, superlative, resilient, red hot, splendid, lubricious, ill-tempered, ireful, rage, bouncy, enraged, fast, great, shirty, hectic, space-age, skillful, tip-top, tempestuous, lively, acid, cushdy, bittersweet, impassioned, riley, passionate, arouse, sore, white, fine, juiced, luck, peppery, rave, sterling, luscious, fortuitous, battered, gamy, A-OK, unconstitutional, amorous, choice, crackerjack, geeked, famous, fleet, purposeful, hottish, wanted, volcanic, boiling, het up, unsafe, enthused, virulent, earnest, crazy, bumper, sizzling, romantic, designer, nuts, neat, key, grand, fortunately, ballistic, choleric, feverish, transliterate, gingery, du jour, devastating, gangbusters, zippy, rabid, pumped, ferocious, fleet-footed, smoking, modernistic, calefacient, righteous, down, lottery, irate, avid, determined, athirst, vulgar, boo-boo, violent, cooking, awesome, compelling, crucial, central, humid, splitting, want, fashionable, white-hot, major, peachy keen, yearning, vital, soulful, ace, superb, beautiful, suggestive, longing, unpleasant, hopped-up, scalding, hopping, blistery, knock-down, sulfurous, oversexed, fab, thrilling, balmy, convincing, comfortable, swift, indecent, lucky, rapid, unlawful, up-to-the-minute, blue, risky, happening, salacious, banner, infuriated, intent, ambitious, brisk, gilt-edged, quality, classic, inflamed, gifted, cool, simmering, mad, bitter, breaded, blazing, viral, unsurpassed, emotional, broiling, driven, impetuous, lovely, capable, slinky, piping hot, frisky, charmed, red, wrathful, accomplished, hotly, ripping, out-of-sight, calorific, bow-wow, wrongful, seductive, enthusiastic, caustic, tropic, antsy, sultry, dumb luck, fundamental, prize, new, animal, bully, handsome, heated up, incensed, hungry, experienced, unauthorized, lewd, drag-out, hysterical, chocolatey, faddish, jim-dandy, big, fuming, contemporary, serious, bunny, superior, fantastical, charged, fierce, rough, sedulous, deviled, quick, topping, illicit, prizewinning, phat, licentious, eager, significant, near, wanton, ardent, racy, acerb, top-of-the-line, fortunate, brackish, important, lecherous, desirable, high-class, stoked, large, glowing, angry, skilled, fantastic, animated, astringent, importunate, bang, flavored, insistent, goatish, top, brave, tremendous, flying, illegal, breakneck, juicy, beginner's luck, peachy, het, radical, obscene, newfangled, hasty, A1, concupiscent, acrid, terrific, supernal, tropical, unrecorded, intimate, blistering, cooked, breathless, angered, boffo, divine, baking hot, springy, toothsome, vitriolic, noble, gung ho, improper, glorious, fraudulent, heatable, new age, horn-mad, top-notch, febrific, baking, carnal, vehement, heavenly, slick, heating, curried, roiled, popularized, nippy, overheated, stifling, in, fervid, new-fashioned, rankled, decisive, cold, first-string, frigid, top-rated, current, steamed up, excite, bonny, lightning.

disinclined, polar, anachronistic, tranquil, cordial, passé, monkish, undersexed, former, arctic, phlegmatic, passionless, dillydallying, retrograde, acold, shivering, languid, Victorian, outmoded, straitlaced, nonchalant, algid, second-rate, frosty, inactive, cold, rimy, unconcerned, prim, unknown, parky, lukewarm, content, hoary, halfhearted, coolish, moral, understanding, refrigerated, genial, cooled, detached, past, measured, unenthusiastic, pacific, unmodernized, legal, inferior, chilled, vile, sweet, impassive, indifferent, antiquated, detested, hated, terrible, unlucky, casual, unexceptional, insouciant, frore, peaceable, wretched, careless, pleasant, insignificant, lousy, reluctant, happy, affable, loath, out, timeless, amenable, obsolete, gelid, freezing, low-grade, uneager, lingering, innocent, slow, poky, agreeable, indistinguished, archaic, peaceful, musty, cutting, plodding, unmoved, second-class, dilatory, spiritless, middling, bone-chilling, ice-cold, puritanical, refrigerating, far, out-of-date, bleak, friendly, pleased, stony, olden, rimed, icy, tasteless, disliked, kaput, washed-up, priggish, obliging, accommodating, kind, old-world, regardless, late, cool, lily-white, chilly, nipping, unwanted, anonymous, historical, lackadaisical, stone-cold, dated, aged, averse, hesitant, old-fashioned, tardy, deliberate, aloof, nonradioactive, disused, uninterested, pathetic, nippy, snappy, numb, coldish, crisp, rotten, snowy, incurious, negligent, sympathetic, unskilled, leisurely, wintry, dragging, old, antique, decent, unmindful, unfashionable, nameless, remote, virginal, frozen, apathetic, unpopular, languorous, ageless, forgotten, crawling, poor, prudish, glacial, execrable, obscure, stale, luckless, immaculate, laggard, halcyon, good-tempered, atrocious, despised, unwarmed, unwilling, fusty, frigid, sluggish, dallying, subzero, stolid, accepting, satisfied, historic, dispassionate, ancient, bad, monastic, unheated, unsexy, unimportant, age-old, nonbelligerent, old-time, bitter, discarded, celibate, disinterested, shivery, emotionless, mediocre, rejected, inconspicuous, serene, oldfangled, antediluvian, easygoing, chill, poking, virtuous, bygone, purposeless, refrigerant, outworn, complaisant, unsatisfactory, good-natured, dawdling, venerable, empathetic, amiable, retro, substandard, calm, chaste, amicable, uncharged, frigorific, heedless, delighted, unaggressive, benumbed, dateless, awful, placid, raw, heatless, unhurried, pure, modest, maidenly, tolerant, moth-eaten, iced, nonviolent.

Examples of usage:

1) He did not know if he could make a hot- air balloon go up, but he resolved to try. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Her hot tears fell on my face. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) My, but it's hot! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.