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Spell check of essence

Correct spelling: essence

onus, breath, center of attention, principle, nubbin, tincture, key, join, potion, heart, plenum, soul, reality, message, binder, centre, nature, cachet, smell, fundamentals, nerve centre, essentially, effect, warmheartedness, scent, exhalation, quintessence, spunk, point, center, result, asymptote, tenderness, meat and potatoes, rendezvous, spirit, center field, curare, shopping centre, content, germ, polestar, filler, fumes, odor, character, nerve, alkaloid, effluvium, aggregate, kernel, mall, lure, gathering, musk, constitution, agar, vein, eye, magnetic core, crux, quiddity, extract, characteristic, upshot, alcohol, amount of money, backbone, emanation, bosom, crossing, stub, nubble, base, forum, epitome, shopping center, centerfield, marrow, nucleus, element, basis, caliber, surface, burden, centerpiece, nerve center, balsam, malodorousness, issue, nub, bull's-eye, basically, essential oil, drug, keynote, bone marrow, concern, net, pump, lodestar, essentiality, marrow squash, meaning, subject matter, structure, rally, ammonia, event, meat, sum, fondness, ticker, totality, force, snapper, inwardness, whiff, focus, incumbrance, stink, fragrance, magnet, life, union, mettle, axle, staple, outcome, sum total, bottom, cellulose, amount, being, impression, bouquet, means, warmness, shopping mall, load, feature, bottleneck, total, loading, internality, chlorophyll, be, pivot, texture, nitty-gritty, middle, juice, redolence, philia, affection, liquor, grain, core, bottom line, perfume, funnel, sum of money, incense, plaza, affectionateness, heart and soul, at bottom, stench, midpoint, aroma, hub, core group, stuff, vegetable marrow, pith, concentrate, encumbrance, gravamen, root, substance, trail, belladonna, gist, elixir, intersection, summation, nose, consequence, priority.

Examples of usage:

1) Compromise is of the essence of their work. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Positive matter is the male essence; negative matter, the female. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) The face was large and flat and shining like a sun, with a small nose like a door knocker and a large mouth, the very essence of good- humoured surprise. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.