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Spell check of character

Correct spelling: character

eccentric person, appeal, fish, characteristic, cite, climate, glitz, glamor, notability, character reference, calibre, causa, cipher, stature, component part, species, percentage, purpose, nabob, symbol, denotation, reputation, streak, constituent, ambience, differentia, society, nature, type, good looks, lure, marker, disposition, grapheme, zany, voice, class, track record, original, literal, temperament, nutter, big-timer, region, font, individualism, note, singularity, ABC, rightness, rep, fingerprint, quotation, letter, big wheel, gallantry, caliber, being, mark, parting, honesty, graphic symbol, figure, baddy, important, profile, reference, instance, soul, point of reference, frame, lawsuit, forward slash, usual, style, duck, complexion, genius, courage, person, infamy, reference work, glyph, oddball, air, vowel, cause, customer, charisma, clay, property, address, egg timer, face, big shot, mood, shell, bird, status, fruitcake, specialty, extension, personage, dignitary, constitution, grammatical case, acknowledgment, reference point, display case, backslash, savor, bit, life, function, component, scout, theatrical role, folk, integer, nut, contribution, repute, probity, quality, aura, criterion, antihero, eponymous, real, goodness, party, temper, peculiarity, human being, book of facts, allure, name, integrity, charm, principle, narrator, expected, example, number, complex, source, appearance, decency, testimonial, head case, wight, vein, variety, reference book, dog, virtuousness, trait, diagnostic, carriage return, shape, humanity, specific, guinea pig, event, respect, notation, recommendation, lion, use, slip, creature, alphabet, lineament, baby, image, kind, part, vulcanized fiber, spirit, consultation, magnetism, bravery, quiz, rectitude, cookie, mystique, caseful, dot, uprightness, pillowcase, share, kook, record, pillow slip, facet, self, geek, digit, bigwig, muckamuck, citation, strong, monogram, bravado, guy, odor, division, prestige, stamp, crackpot, body, fictional character, nutcase, be, honor, VIP, emoticon, notable, subject, timbre, human, factor, piece, self-identity, upper case, attitude, computer address, atmosphere, product, particularity, heavyweight, somebody, affection, description, flake, eccentric, sign, habit, office, cast, sort, support, aspect, individuality, showcase, someone, leader, heroics, specimen, turn, credit, man, nobility, MARKS, codger, fiber, feature, determination, timber, consonant, portion, role, ingenue, Jekyll and Hyde, actor, report, fount, icon, egg, hash, angle bracket, fame, heroine, dramatis personae, section, attribution, makeup, card, hero, oddity, weirdo, mixture, head, heroism, emblem, righteousness, virtue, slob, backbone, estimation, identity, fictitious character, numeral, thing, typeface, roughage, standing, individual, attribute, personality, mention, eminence, sense, nerve, tone, case, screwball, hallmark, touch, persona, fibre, selfhood, grain, bod, sheath, stiff, mortal, casing, point, humor, predictable, vitrine, suit, hashtag, pluck, people, colors, bad guy, crank, daring, crackbrain, badge.

debauchery, impropriety, disgrace, pervertedness, conventionality, conformist, animal, crookedness, indecency, depravity, follower, shame, lowness, sin, obloquy, evil, conformity, dishonesty, beast, brute, ignominy, discredit, meanness, sheep, opprobrium, degeneracy, perversion, iniquity, indecorum, badness, viciousness, odium, immorality, conformer, sinfulness, corruption, unscrupulousness, vileness, critter, indiscretion, beastie, underhandedness, infamy, wickedness, dishonor, disrepute, degradation, reproach, evildoing, villainy.

Examples of usage:

1) " Yes," said Leslie, " such was the character he bore." - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) He found in Julia a character of unusual charm. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) I've never met a more lovely character or beautiful face in a woman. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.