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Spell check of consonant

Correct spelling: consonant

vowel, like, harmonious, harmonical, corresponding, harmonised, melodious, unbroken, alphabet, musical, accordant, harmonic, in harmony, cipher, dulcet, monogram, conformable, consistent, symphonious, concurring, congenial, coherent, in agreement, amenable, character, euphonious, harmonized, eurythmic, correspondent, undifferentiated, mellifluent, letter, sympathetic, undiversified, undeviating, invariable, symphonic, seamless, in accord, melodic, tuneful, compatible, assonant, beautiful, equable, unvarying, steady, same, agree, mellifluous, uniform, homogeneous, balanced, congruent, concordant, sweet, congruous, nonconflicting, level, literal, regular, indistinguishable, upper case, agreeable, alike, ABC, monolithic, even.

disunited, inharmonious, incongruous, graceless, unfortunate, inartistic, disharmonious, inappropriate, skewed, conflictive, disharmonic, displeasing, tasteless, unsymmetrical, distasteful, unlovely, ungraceful, unaesthetic, inapt, unsuitable, dissatisfying, inapposite, unbalanced, disordered, inconsistent, infelicitous, vowel sound, unbecoming, uncoordinated, clashing, incompatible, inelegant, unequal, conflicting, unpleasant, unharmonious, inharmonic, vowel, improper, uneven, unsightly, asymmetrical, irregular, disagreeable.

Examples of usage:

1) In none of these countries, however, is the form of government so fully consonant with the party system as it is in Great Britain. - "The Government of England (Vol. I)", A. Lawrence Lowell.

2) Inside his silent cell, Holtspur had heard the clock striking the hour of twelve, in solemn lugubrious tones- too consonant with his thoughts. - "The White Gauntlet", Mayne Reid.

3) The leader from the helm leaned forward to regard him fixedly, finding his tranquillity consonant only with imperfect wits. - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.