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Spell check of eccentric

Correct spelling: eccentric

reference, ridiculous, font, case, odd, character reference, lunatic, screwball, inane, insane, madman, edgy, uncommon, singular, curious, unreal, unnatural, fictitious character, typeface, nonconforming, bizarro, uncustomary, farcical, crazy, scrap, over-the-top, quality, extraordinary, fitful, out-of-the-way, contradictory, snowflake, wacky, way-out, remarkable, spaced-out, theatrical role, maniac, meaningless, funny, geek, outre, dubious, invalid, desultory, idiotic, droll, ludicrous, preposterous, lawsuit, incompatible, untypical, role, rummy, childish, atypical, subject, caseful, fibre, off-centered, bit, deranged, anachronistic, type, causa, laughable, improper, fantastic, mismatch, crosspatch, lineament, deviant, strange, fey, quirky, off-kilter, vitrine, un-ordinary, out of the ordinary, graphic symbol, exceptional, inconsistent, illogical, casing, unconventional, oddball, comical, fiber, fluctuating, pillowcase, sheath, unfamiliar, chip, character, idiosyncratic, grammatical case, impossible, usual, off-the-wall, off-center, erratic, mad, far-out, freakish, capricious, unique, intermittent, face, absurd, weirdo, offbeat, flakey, guinea pig, kinky, whimsical, instance, queerish, fallacious, foolish, implausible, peculiar, space cadet, crotchety, cranky, bizarre, outlandish, sporadic, paradoxical, showcase, anomalous, poppycock, shell, example, persona, nonsensical, irregular, misfit, flaky, surreal, part, grotesque, grapheme, screwy, fleck, off, incredible, freaky, gonzo, senseless, divergent, silly, asymmetric, flake, oddity, madwoman, outrageous, kooky, uneven, different, eccentric person, weird, quaint, fount, nonconcentric, acentric, slip, unmatched, aberrant, inconstant, novel, pillow slip, suit, unsystematic, self-contradictory, wild, abnormal, jerky, cause, funky, unusual, rum, display case, variable, fictional character, incongruous, irrational, event, nutjob, unrhythmical, headcase.

conservative, average, homocentric, habitual, everyday, prosaic, wonted, run-of-the-mill, conventional, knee-jerk, common, conformist, frequent, customary, garden, unremarkable, natural, concentric, coaxial, commonplace, normal, standard, workaday, coaxal, expected, typical, concentrical, routine, predictable, unexceptional, usual, familiar, ordinary, regular.

Examples of usage:

1) In the name of the patient reader, I may be permitted to lodge a humble but firm protest against this eccentric and sudden change of front. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) But he did devote an occasional moment of leisure to wondering how men could so impose their eccentric habit of thought upon the nations, and why he, for example, should be directed to obtain his personal ideals from a distant island in the northern seas. - "Command", William McFee.

3) He is a very good fellow, but very eccentric. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.