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Spell check of aberrant

Correct spelling: aberrant

anomalous, curious, opposite, notable, different, peculiar, exceeding, false, errant, deflected, incorrect, especial, surprising, distinct, aberrated, atypical, quirky, odd, heterogeneous, atypic, deviated, shifted, unwonted, anomalistic, illegal, singular, incompatible, nonuniform, discordant, freakish, oddity, fey, idiosyncratic, good, nonconforming, bizarre, usual, special, un-ordinary, contrary, uncommon, untrue, unalike, incongruous, unusual, oddball, exotic, aberrational, novel, extraordinary, wandering, erratic, mismatch, rare, inconsistent, unnatural, crosspatch, flawed, funny, unfamiliar, freak, devious, refracting, drifting, crazy, divergent, preternatural, off, wrong, unique, untypical, uncustomary, correct, extraordinaire, remarkable, strange, fallacious, deviate, offbeat, outlandish, abnormal, erroneous, exceptional, dissimilar, mistaken, improper, misfit, deviant, disparate, deranged, out of the ordinary, irregular, unlike, phenomenal, inaccurate, varied, faulty, digressing, unconventional, eccentric, bad.

everyday, run-of-the-mine, archetypal, customary, unremarkable, ordinary, representative, routine, workaday, familiar, common, commonplace, frequent, run-of-the-mill, typical, wonted, unexceptional, regular, usual, natural, average, standard, characteristic, normal.

Examples of usage:

1) Mr. Gammie sent me a bird unmistakably of this species- Blyth's Aberrant Tree- Warbler- together with the lining of a nest and three eggs. - "The Nests and Eggs of Indian Birds, Volume 1", Allan O. Hume.

2) I cannot pass from this subject without enforcing, as a practical comment, the necessity of asylum physicians having a very liberal supply of holidays, so as to insure a complete change of thought from not only the objective but the subjective world in which they live, and this before the time comes when they are unable to throw off their work from their minds, as happened to a hard- working friend of mine, who, even during his holiday among the Alps, must needs dream one night that he was making a post- mortem upon himself, and on another night rose from his bed in a state of somnambulism to perform certain aberrant and disorderly acts, not unlike what his patients would have performed in the day. - "Chapters in the History of the Insane in the British Isles", Daniel Hack Tuke.