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Spell check of flawed

Correct spelling: flawed

second-rate, faulty, damaged, inaccurate, bent, miscalculated, flecked, hacked, scratched, stained, scuffed, crooked, classy, wrong, irregular, misjudged, battered, imperfect, spotted, misshapen, trashed, lopsided, inadequate, blotched, tarnished, freckled, asymmetrical, addictive, fractured, cracked, incomplete, notched, impure, misconceived, marked, misestimated, bad, cockeyed, shot, pockmarked, specked, illegal, wrecked, nicked, abraded, discolored, freakish, gashed, incorrect, untrue, tainted, amiss, down, spoiled, clingy, apart, splotched, blistered, fallacious, scraped, chipped, perverse, defective, improper, adaptive, broken, babyish, disfigured, marred, deformed, erroneous, awry, defaced, kaput, botched, deficient, illogical, scarred, badass, false, slit, distorted, contorted, mistaken, flexible, constitutionally, aberrant, scored, scabbed, corrupt, misconstrued, born, blemished.

unspoiled, complete, faultless, impeccable, entire, undamaged, unimpaired, flawless, whole, intact, unblemished, perfect.

Examples of usage:

1) She had seen him at a crisis when he had been on the verge of collapse like a bridge whose centre rests upon a span of flawed steel. - "The Tempering", Charles Neville Buck.

2) When the Evil One wrought in human shapes, surely his work was ever flawed as to feet! - "The Unknown Sea", Clemence Housman.

3) Some are hopelessly flawed, while others need but patient grinding to develop into diamonds of the first water. - "A Top-Floor Idyl", George van Schaick.