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Spell check of factor

Correct spelling: factor

actor, elicitation, grammatical constituent, component part, add up, assignee, Arabic numeral, mainspring, performer, quotient, basis, mediator, multiplicator, multiplicand, motive, determine, exponent, middleman, numerator, doer, operator, commissary, second, arithmetic, provocation, impresario, power, compulsion, go-between, minuend, subtrahend, gene, compute, purify, fact, index, clarify, dividend, logarithm, factor in, compunction, cube root, drive, delegate, cube, calculate, geocentric, fraction, differential calculus, arithmetic progression, cause, generation, instrument, article, grounds, property, mover, appointee, lieutenant, ingredient, prove, surrogate, agentive role, action, calibration, piece, formula, simplify, root, emissary, procurator, matter, envoy, base, vehicle, denominator, item, attorney, aspect, common factor, reciprocal, representative, promoter, minister, quality, percentage, liaison, detail, strip, modulus, element, measure, assess, evocation, portion, reckon, imperial, fixings, geometry, absolute, section, alternate, stimulus, component, gradation, graduation, cistron, particular, agent, substitute, integral, steward, multiple, factor out, feature, deputy, medium, proxy, nature, segment, determinant, count, rep, divisor, motivator, broker, source, force, radix, real, peculiarity, inspiration, elucidate, agency, execution, member, constituent, common multiple, estimate, reduce, auxiliary, means, ombudsman, chemical element, enforcement, executor, algebra, refine, constant, computation, integrant, circumstance, building block, part, trigonometry, origination, intermediary, coefficient, multiplier, quadratics, facet, effectuation, material, project, federal agent, administrator, operative, algorithm, increment, metric, antilogarithm, metrication, calculus, filament, fragment, square root.

principal, mixture, composite, aggregate, totality, total, combination, whole, intermixture, compound, mix, mass, sum, summation, blend, originator, admixture, amalgam, inventor, chief, amalgamation, entirety.

Examples of usage:

1) The most potent factor in this change was food- and more food- a bath and another bath- and clean clothes. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Private property has all along been a great factor in civilization, but the private property that has been so has been much more producers' than consumers'. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Credit No factor is so necessary in building up business as credit, and no factor is so necessary in building up credit as truth. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.