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Spell check of eminence

Correct spelling: eminence

prestigiousness, credit, archbishop, repute, distinction, supremacy, laurels, respect, banknote, celebrity, muckamuck, dominance, priority, bank note, mound, momentousness, honor, canon, tone, heavyweight, altitude, import, leading light, prime mover, preponderancy, notability, line, authority figure, weight, height, figure, magnate, hill, tuberosity, lion, short letter, big shot, big-timer, bishopric, sovereignty, somebody, upland, consequence, gravity, nabob, annotation, preeminence, high, significance, transcendence, predominance, greenback, stress, dignitary, prominence, government note, musical note, important, prepotency, glory, merit, differentiation, prestige, influence, mark, abbess, preponderance, abbot, the Archbishop of Canterbury, projection, luster, renown, fame, highland, primacy, superiority, illustriousness, promissory note, rise, billet, personage, archbishopric, emphasis, archdeacon, paramountcy, knowledge, incomparability, notation, bill, seniority, bigwig, eminency, note of hand, nodule, noteworthiness, big wheel, mover and shaker, status, bishop, hump, importance, notoriety, banker's bill, championship, criticalness, elevation, someone, prominency, criticality, tubercle, note, leader, bank bill, peak, notable, cardinal, reputation, VIP, mogul, character, standing, excellence.

dingle, valley, obscureness, contempt, discredit, shame, disgrace, dell, fen, dale, insignificance, depression, humiliation, tidewater, hollow, flat, bottom, bottomland, oblivion, mediocrity, vale, contumely, obscurity, lowland, basin, glen, plain, dishonor, inferiority, disrepute, floodplain, infamy, ignominy.

Examples of usage:

1) Determination of the merits of the poets of eminence to- day is outside the scope of this volume. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.

2) The singular eminence of the religion of Jesus depends upon a right apprehension of the principle just illustrated. - "The Making of an Apostle", R. J. Campbell.

3) Helena, in sympathy with her whole scheme, had much exaggerated the eminence of the Husband's position. - "Helena Brett's Career", Desmond Coke.