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Spell check of epitome

Correct spelling: epitome

look-alike, roundup, embodier, externalization, polestar, digest, funnel, simulacrum, acme, crossing, pattern, abstract, essence, capsule, words, personifier, excerpt, run-through, range, sum-up, recapitulation, outline, embodiment, ideal, personification, forum, meat, asymptote, spirit, lure, precis, analysis, substitution class, image, brief, intersection, wrap-up, center, abridgment, compend, condensation, plenum, compendium, kernel, resume, picture, summa, exemplification, sum, sketch, overview, genius, rally, double, exemplar, magnet, icon, beau ideal, crux, gathering, effigy, conspectus, recap, summarization, rendezvous, avatar, figure, nucleus, perfection, incarnation, inventory, ikon, bottleneck, classic, archetype, manifestation, model, marrow, summing-up, byword, core, ultimate, trope, mental image, hub, prototype, prospectus, figure of speech, instantiation, axle, apotheosis, breviary, quintessence, heart, lodestar, type, summary, persona, synopsis, focus, rundown, representative, objectification, paradigm, encapsulation, soul, abbreviation, incorporation.

addendum, enlargement, expansion, amplification, supplement.

Examples of usage:

1) I tried to soften this epitome of Mr. Claybourne's remarks. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) When first I set eyes upon this vessel of yours, I saw before me the epitome of all dreams. - "Once a Greech", Evelyn E. Smith.

3) He groped his way to the big chair, and sank heavily into it, the very epitome of wretched despair. - "If Any Man Sin", H. A. Cody.