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Spell check of bottleneck

Correct spelling: bottleneck

spirit, fouling, detaining, crippling, axle, constraint, core, lodestar, meat, hindrance, tangle, rally, counter, tie-up, stay, epitome, backup, hamper, snarling, cramping, inhibition, obstacle, barrier, interruption, encumbering, congest, focus, disadvantage, polestar, restrain, gathering, entangle, hub, foul, stoppage, complicate, cramp, magnet, bung, dam, brake, resistance, impeding, rendezvous, deterrent, tightness, burdensome, constriction, deter, coarctation, blockade, delay, jam-up, curb, check, block, restraining, handicap, plug, hurdle, blockage, oppose, constipating, deterring, cripple, marrow, drag, frustrate, thwart, crossing, bar, crux, jam, constipation, constipate, restrict, stop, lure, catch, encumbrance, logjam, kernel, delaying, intersection, entanglement, essence, detain, soul, obstruction, restraint, snarl, opposition, drawback, frustration, heart, constraining, impediment, chokepoint, restricting, fetter, mire, paralyze, congestion, damper, complication, resist, impasse, baffling, crimp, encumber, clogging, center, baffle, choking, blocking, resisting, tailback, clog, snag, hinder, forum, entrap, impedance, frustrating, interrupt, hamstring, funnel, nucleus, plenum, impede, thwarting, burden, constrain, inhibit, impair, inhibiting, bafflement, choke, obstruct, hindering, restriction.

Examples of usage:

1) I'd seen how Imagineering worked when they were on their own, building prototypes and conceptual mockups - I knew that the real bottleneck was the constant review and revisions, the ever- fluctuating groupmind consensus of the ad- hoc that commissioned their work. - "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom", Cory Doctorow.

2) The wire on the bottleneck broke when he twisted. - "An Encounter in Atlanta", Ed Howdershelt.

3) We have already reached the point where shipping is no longer the bottleneck in the return of troops from the European theater. - "Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present", Various.