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Spell check of boss

Correct spelling: boss

dynamite, superlative, frontline, first-string, prize, primo, Lord, corking, beautiful, account executive, honcho, manager, cool, hierarch, immense, peachy keen, out-of-sight, stomp, virtuoso, mayor, decor, slick, headman, champ, splendid, foreman, ambassador, superintendent, quality, groovy, conductor, officer, prime, sensational, command, stellar, number one, knob, fine, administrator, demagogue, top-notch, band master, president, leader, awesome, overlord, peachy, over, stereotype, fabulous, A1, king, famous, master, bully, agent, winner, overlay, prizewinning, top-flight, divine, elite, gangbusters, terrific, wizard, aristocracy, bumper, righteous, dean, tophole, first-class, chieftain, superintend, grand, tip-top, old-timer, businessperson, captain, stud, keen, employer, tiptop, boffo, adornment, superb, superior, antique, figurehead, great, decoration, ornament, enforcer, businesswoman, cracking, commander, direct, victor, foreperson, wonderful, down, border, director, autocrat, sterling, straw boss, mean, dictator, supervisor, excellent, blue-chip, taskmistress, gilt-edged, important, four-star, oldtimer, top dog, ringmaster, swell, administer, nifty, fab, businessman, pommel, ringleader, prima donna, bang-up, govern, star, manage, banner, unsurpassed, top, classic, fantabulous, patterning, numero uno, top-of-the-line, supernal, detailing, high-class, pigeonhole, party boss, nobility, prize winner, gaffer, trim, champion, rule, A-OK, node, head, tribal chief, crackerjack, executive, brave, magistrate, thickening, embellishment, five-star, marvelous, baron, hirer, top-shelf, topping, sovereign, chief, oversee, ace, premier, paragon, superman, neat, brag, queen, stamp, governor, radical, capitalist, forewoman, fantastic, lead, stump, superwoman, rivet, choice, blue-ribbon, arch, phat, emboss, first-rate, old geezer, capital, conduct, A-one, of import, gone, wonderwoman, topnotch, hype, topflight, supervise, good, taskmaster, commandant, bonny, lovely, overseer, prodigy, jim-dandy, political boss, heavenly, noble, exceller, par excellence, hot, general, dandy, warden, ruler.

inferior, vile, poor, rotten, mediocre, substandard, low-grade, atrocious, terrible, bad, middling, awful, second-rate, wretched, pathetic, unsatisfactory, lousy, execrable, second-class.

Examples of usage:

1) The front line can have Loose Boss or Loose Ends; the latter are now in extensive use and are generally preferred. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

2) If double boss rolls, the number of spindles must divide by four. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..

3) The boss has no more arms and legs than he's a use for anyway. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.