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Spell check of cardinal

Correct spelling: cardinal

songbird, xii, 98, a billion, 58, twenty-nine, two hundred, Cl, lxxvi, clxxv, 24, 85, 93, 500, VII, xviii, parrot, foremost, V, one hundred, one hundred fifty-five, fifty-five, overbearing, sixty-one, xxviii, 105, xlvii, IX, lxviii, 61, 59, sheldrake, 33, gull, pope, blue jay, snipe, 53, xcl, cockatoo, thirty-eight, macaw, nuthatch, eighty-seven, nine, mallard, Richmondena Cardinalis, 17, 99, i, 77, c, lark, 10, 70, prelate, albatross, lxxxv, reverend, overmastering, 120, primary, cxlv, primaeval, cardinal number, fifty, plover, fourteen, twenty-seven, viii, lxxiii, twenty-three, great, 115, hummingbird, five hundred, ninety-eight, mockingbird, fifty-six, xxxi, 82, one hundred forty, eagle, canon, clx, numero uno, cleric, twenty-five, 56, threescore, pelican, big, 66, pheasant, partridge, redwing, forty-three, twenty, archpriest, nun, robin, thirteen, scarlet tanager, ci, 89, lii, lv, sea gull, pilgrim, 68, xcii, 7, 60, crucial, prior, 51, eighty-six, lxxxiv, squab, 400, ninety-nine, forty-nine, xci, underlying, sandpiper, lxxxii, four hundred, one hundred twenty, ane, CV, ninety-three, X, ilx, myna, xliii, 135, 28, one hundred eighty, main, sixty-six, seventy-six, 150, peregrine, 67, twenty-two, turtledove, 140, overriding, 38, magpie, seventeen, ninety-one, 32, thirty-nine, 35, turkey, falcon, prioress, primal, cxxv, 54, master, 48, 130, seventy, IV, primordial, half dozen, vital, cuckoo, seventy-eight, cassowary, rector, canary, hundred and one, harrier, billion, profound, 36, weaver, 55, abbess, lvi, eighteen, a trillion, zillion, 145, loon, quetzal, booby, monk, seventy-seven, 6, minister, ccc, one hundred forty-five, xiv, xix, lx, heron, xx, ecclesiastic, fifty-four, clv, nightingale, sovereign, ninety-six, ii, crow, tern, xvii, coot, swift, seven, 29, forty-eight, missionary, cxxx, one hundred fifty, ten, highest, ilxxx, xv, il, meaningful, lxxxi, ninety-five, 43, cardinal grosbeak, horned owl, xlviii, forty, lxi, Canada goose, ixc, egret, one, one hundred five, fundamental, three hundred, seventy-nine, cxl, rook, wren, eighty-one, lxxx, thirty, primeval, 25, 96, lvii, ixl, 4, 65, arch, 12, forty-five, greatest, 71, xcvii, clergyman, III, sixteen, emu, 78, 300, xxxv, sixty-seven, central, stork, forty-four, a thousand, eighty, thirty-four, thirty-one, barn owl, eighty-two, xc, half a dozen, 91, xxxiii, nineteen, two, eighty-nine, a zillion, seventy-two, 27, parakeet, l, sister, one hundred sixty, xxi, lxxxiii, 69, eight, one hundred ninety, D, 30, 165, sixty-eight, fifty-eight, twenty-six, xxxii, 18, owl, fourscore, archbishopric, 110, lviii, 73, dozen, thirty-five, a hundred thousand, 101, thrush, forty-one, lxxxvi, 15, sixty-five, one hundred thirty, lxxxvii, of import, 200, pigeon, budgerigar, road runner, ringtail, bantam, xvi, 180, fifty-two, sixty-nine, fifteen, 20, clxxx, 21, 0, lxxvii, ilxx, fifty-seven, 62, prime, 170, xxiii, xciv, 92, bobwhite, priest, abbot, curate, 41, preeminent, forty-two, lxvii, starling, 1, thirty-seven, xciii, 46, paramount, 83, 31, twenty-eight, XIII, redbird, clxv, canoness, flamingo, xli, spoonbill, major, 1000, 125, lxii, 160, grosbeak, capital, peacock, oriole, 45, twelve, 14, cormorant, vicar, 49, 86, xxv, 2, thousand, 42, thirty-six, seventy-three, 79, xlv, sixty-two, 37, twenty-one, 16, one hundred twenty-five, dodo, buzzard, xliv, cxx, xxvi, first, 13, sixty-three, lxxii, lxx, 90, xcvi, IC, chaplain, 97, xxxvii, 75, jay, xl, 80, trillion, xcviii, fifty-three, vulture, 34, 39, cxv, 74, m, xxvii, condor, rudimentary, three, ostrich, Cd, hundred thousand, penguin, novice, serious, predominant, ninety-seven, 50, duck, hundred, 72, bishopric, 190, one hundred thirty-five, dove, xxix, lxxv, ninety-two, goldfinch, lxxi, XI, seventy-four, one hundred one, twenty-four, jackdaw, lxv, crested jay, pastor, 47, crane, a hundred and one, goose, ninety-four, VI, bullfinch, xxxvi, firebird, fifty-nine, finch, one hundred ten, father, curlew, bittern, friar, zero, clxx, evangelist, five, puffin, 26, million, bald eagle, premier, fifty-one, eighty-eight, xcv, carmine, lxvi, cc, grackle, xlvi, woodpecker, important, preacher, 95, forty-seven, xxxiv, Li, Cardinalis cardinalis, 22, eighty-four, 76, bishop, chickadee, number one, sixty-four, swan, waxwing, liii, 87, bird of paradise, 23, a million, bluebird, archdeacon, a hundred, ten thousand, ninety, one hundred sixty-five, 81, 8, forty-six, 11, eighty-three, aboriginal, teal, 40, 57, lxxxviii, hawk, xxxviii, 63, eighty-five, lovebird, 9, kingfisher, bluebill, yellowbird, sparrow, bird, eleven, ibis, grouse, significant, xxiv, xlii, one hundred seventy, 94, one hundred fifteen, lxxiv, four, cxxxv, twoscore, sixty, lxxviii, 84, six, 64, seventy-one, mourning dove, budgie, 52, cx, 19, the Archbishop of Canterbury, thirty-two, raven, k, one hundred seventy-five, seventy-five, blackbird, top, key, brother, 88, lxiv, 155, 3, grand, 100, lxiii, principal, dominant, osprey, 5, bluejay, archbishop, one thousand, liv, supreme, 175, leading, 44, chief, xxii, thirty-three.

insignificant, collateral, inferior, ordinal, least, negligible, unimportant, inconsequential, trivial, trifling, subordinate, last, inconsiderable, slight, subsidiary, minor, secondary.

Examples of usage:

1) " You greatly wrong our most amiable host," he said laughingly; " Not only are these cardinal virtues not wanting, but all three of them are three times combined." - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) Bishop or Cardinal this is the man, as More loved him. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) A society in which common sense is regarded as the cardinal intellectual virtue does not naturally suggest the great tragic themes. - "English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century", Leslie Stephen.