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Spell check of digest

Correct spelling: digest

centre, scrapbook, abstract, analysis, deliver, roundup, lose, rear, sum, encapsulation, project, domiciliate, annals, survive, menu, register, bear out, jut out, work out, put forward, know, brave out, run-through, ledger, confirm, leap out, hold up, enumeration, offer, patronize, breviary, chronicle, affirm, stand out, yield, decoct, precis, persist, audit, bowdlerization, log, docket, back, provide, centralise, brook, acquit, ingestion, fend, brief, treasury, bear, put up, rundown, place upright, carry, pore, expect, tin, score, condensation, burn, stomach, house, dictionary, report, comport, patronise, read, bank-book, manifest, indorse, novel, diary, endorse, recording, abide, repertory, sum-up, summing-up, stay, concentrate, imbibe, go, prevail, behave, album, yearbook, live, note, summarization, center, nominate, hold, itemization, check, stand, subscribe, summa, discover, calendar, waybill, birth, plunk for, go down, support, abbreviation, down, history, wrap-up, see the light, store, study, overview, conduct, raise, live on, distill, summary, fend for, count, jut, journal, substantiate, grasp, condense, itemize, conspectus, glean, blank-book, resume, protrude, invoice, understand, pay, detail, tally, thesaurus, give birth, list, excerpt, reduce, metabolise, epitome, roll, document, account, budget, pad, accept, file, back up, prospectus, total, endure, book, table, census, metabolize, centralize, run, jump, catalog, synopsis, can, statement, bill, underpin, allow, have a bun in the oven, logbook, absorb, realize, meet, documentation, defend, collection, remain firm, registry, recount, workbook, summarize, storybook, learn, stick out, boil down, contract, scroll, tolerate, inventory, ache, assume, outline, stand up, compilation, comprehend, annual, daybook, suffer, deport, schedule, journalize, resist, collect, rivet, compiling, post, gestate, set up, patronage, weather, last, index, enumerate, recap, sketch, distil, tabulate, assimilate, wear, keep going, stay down, compendium, tablet, abridgment, deduce, get, die hard, corroborate, notebook, hurt, take up, focus, hold out, lexicon, sustain, contribute, jump out, compend, erect, recapitulation, capsule, plump for, permit, turn out, brave, have, master, contain, roster, record, cash book, take over, round-up, bide.

amplification, elaboration, expansion, supplement, addendum, enlargement.

Examples of usage:

1) You can eat a lot, and everything; it would digest a stone. - "Monsieur Cherami", Charles Paul de Kock.

2) Get Thirlby's Chrysostom De Sacerdotio; master it- digest it. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

3) With these words Grace moved quickly away, leaving Mr. Henry Hammond to digest her answer as best he might. - "Grace Harlowe's Senior Year at High School or The Parting of the Ways", Jessie Graham Flower.