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Spell check of group

Correct spelling: group

form, batch, category, passel, kindred, age group, troupe, flash mob, schematize, scattering, herd, order, grade, assemble, college, cluster, conclave, chart, right, crop, screen, crew, retinue, stabilize, bunch, parcel, structure, body, congregation, in unison, busload, hairsbreadth, muster, sort, club, harmonize, fraternity, design, circle, constellation, racial, species, brigade, stratify, subordinate, detachment, outfit, pigeonholing, brass band, brand, wing, minimum, federation, prepare, crush, clot, mix, genus, settle, cell, aggregation, cadre, suite, collect, class, anchor, caucus, handful, nest, assemblage, chemical group, pack, maintain, theme, tribal, separate, gathering, designate, team, congress, chamber orchestra, consort, minority, fleet, ensemble, drove, association, normalize, score, posse, classification, sprinkling, grouping, root, acquisition, methodize, police, support, tier, plan, aggregate, stamp, assembly, mathematical group, force, get-together, army, type A, battery, unify, sect, family, boy band, conference, bank, gang, systematize, adjust, squad, rate, covey, bevy, blue chip, assortment, support group, compose, shape, fix, package, balance, sift, establish, clan, place, gamelan, tribe, organization, coterie, bilateral, united, rubric, label, bracket, affiliate, rank, the biz, ring, concourse, partnership, cabal, big business, classify, agent, pigeonhole, categorize, litter, cross section, multitude, block, aggroup, medley, integrate, boodle, dance band, bundle, clutch, throng, commission, platoon, coalition, society, hive, division, combo, unsnarl, flock, girl band, panel, collection, scarcity, collate, staff, together, account, variety, frame, council, string, complement, devise, convention, faction, formation, meeting, kind, root word, convocation, phalanx, battalion, band, characterize, organize, detail, control, type, clique, marshal, A, arrange, array, program, schedule, set, salad, fellowship, stem, regiment, stew, regulate, junta, huddle, omnium-gatherum, clump, union, orchestrate, plot, scheme, base, cast, taxonomy, lot, common, knot, rationalize, free radical, league, communal, multilateral, host, crowd, mob, mediate, assort, colony, bloc, combined, troop, radical, corps, agency, party, school, few, company.

individual, solitude, privacy, retirement, single, unit, dispersion, loneliness, entity, item, seclusion.

Examples of usage:

1) We had been advancing towards a group of musk oxen for more than an hour. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) The first group of walruses were allowed to pass. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) Here's a lady asking for you, said one, and a man who had been surrounded by a laughing group moved toward her. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.