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Spell check of collect

Correct spelling: collect

converge, lift up, furl, put one across, monetize, put one over, foregather, necessitate, crown, abduct, assimilate, book, request, hive up, store, sop up, percolate, collar, get a line, catch, retrieve, reap, establish, turn around, constellate, flock, suck up, get, get in, pull together, store up, lay away, move in, assume, index, stockpile, take, cull, lump, compile, add, bag, perk, tabulate, catalog, note, uplift, levy, squirrel away, watch, corral, tally, mix, bundle, adopt, deprive, account, manage, attract, total, roll, stash, detail, obtain, calm, huddle, imbibe, determine, raise, cache, audit, buy up, anthologize, make, budget, see, commandeer, wrap, list, receive, uncover, gather in, realise, group, cozy up, simmer down, call for, pocket, overhear, gull, compose, suck in, save, intoxicate, require, ask, count, invoice, soak up, log, palm, settle, crowd, cumulate, arrest, secure, amass, take in, retain, lure, document, hoard, slang, acquire, go for, enumerate, harvest, inventory, elate, cod, heap, incur, smother, hear, gather up, bury, nab, contain, claim back, set aside, convene, conglomerate, table, purchase, schedule, gather, put on, pile, find out, win, apprehend, cash in, aggregate, cop, mass, concentrate, have, band, reserve, rendezvous, pucker, grab, digest, forgather, stack, quest, gain, garner, take up, annex, demand, collate, learn, absorb, bring in, get word, solicit, build up, call, agglomerate, need, land, due, gain vigor, cluster, consolidate, re-collect, invite, negotiate, blanket, stack up, realize, bulk, bundle up, register, itemize, draw, accrue, insulate, monopolize, recover, keep, accrete, accumulate, perk up, read up on, close up, claim, buy, muster, meet, postulate, recount, scrape together, corner, heap up, pick up, pile up, appropriate, restraint, bespeak, get wind, score, find, assemble, clear, round up, roll up, procure, concenter, chronicle, check, control, fool, coat, summon, hive, owed, congregate, view, cool, journalize, handle, dupe, besiege, pull, befool, impound, earn, record, tuck, nail, consume, file, net, wrangle, draw in, discover, clump together, cover, wrap up, capture, convoke, confiscate, involve, fetch, get together, ingest, top, pull in, usurp, summarize, bunch, peck, ascertain.

disperse, break up, squander, dissipate, waste, dissociate, send, take off, dispel, spend, sever, dissolve, scatter, leave, parcel, disband, depart, undue, disjoin, spread, portion, split, distribute, disunite, separate, divide, disintegrate, dismiss.

Examples of usage:

1) " You'll collect your commission from your friend, the landlord," I replied firmly. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) I will see if I can collect my thoughts sufficiently to write to him. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) He became grave and silent, and only the intent look in his eyes betrayed, that even on this theme, he could with difficulty collect his thoughts, I concealed nothing from him. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.