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Spell check of consider

Correct spelling: consider

total, address, pay attention, gaze, encounter, concede, cut into, imagine, wrestle, check, lead, apportion, referee, consume, approximate, pack, date, accept, bet, multiply, choose, eye, have, distribute, strike, envision, think up, contract, evaluate, require, fence, invent, construe, think, claim, take aim, acknowledge, escort, subscribe, librate, deduce, carry, muse, convey, contend, take, believe in, exact, create, perpend, forecast, think through, care, interpret, verify, experience, get word, suppose, number, handle, talk over, rank, endeavor, deal out, view, shell out, delve, ideate, recollect, visit, adopt, charter, project, insure, bowl over, allot, scan, ensure, take on, deal with, cipher, cope, factor, quantify, pass, grapple, mete out, appraise, picture, ascertain, sentence, depend, turn, meet, design, knock over, witness, hold, think over, mull, hand, rent, matter, go steady, fancy, presume, divide, study, need, meditate, understand, get by, portion out, remove, read into, allow for, film, acquire, come across, question, analyze, canvass, reach, watch, hire, gestate, triangulate, recall, select, cogitate, share, adhere to, think about, contain, fantasize, canvas, see, resolve, revolve, tump over, hit the books, regard, retrieve, Midland, use up, read, run into, submit, deem, upset, subscribe to, deliberate, compute, visualization, scrutinize, take in, get hold of, stare, say, direct, administer, ruminate, weigh, decide, plow, scheme, pore, catch, recognize, sum, count, estimate, reckon, hone in on, talk through, make out, relevant, image, hear of, bring, deal, parcel out, call back, wish, press, look around, rate, adjudicate, grant, intend, realize, plot, visualize, discover, judge, assume, cerebrate, argue, expect, pick out, conceive, feel, value, check on, pronounce, infer, plan, dole out, determine, fill, mediate, ask, sell, negotiate, numerate, turn to, go out, take care, speculate, take notice, appreciate, visualise, affect, take away, hear, tally, roll, provide, theorize, cypher, assure, overturn, control, systematize, enumerate, praise, admire, give, schedule, concentrate, cover, drive, involve, get, conceptualize, postulate, find out, brainstorm, trust, realise, incline, mean, think of, examine, gauge, set down, perspective, get wind, provide for, flip, guess, look at, call up, turn over, carry on, peruse, believe, ingest, treat, run across, zero in on, respect, take for, pick up, accede, observe, attend, find, review, dish out, sum up, ponder, deny, conceptualise, arbitrate, allow, call, perceive, aim, flip over, see to it, discuss, learn, count on, make, entertain, cast, reason, focus, occupy, chew over, score, inspect, trade, ignore, lease, survey, necessitate, honor, moot, consult, admit, measure, call for, pass on, withdraw, assess, opine, calculate, clear the air, train, conduct, engage, heed, chew on, bat around, toss around, dig, figure, propose, divvy up, see about, tip over, remember, dispense, mind, manage, rationalize, shoot, look, reflect, add, demand, conclude, brood, listen, think out, make do, lot, talk, excogitate, guide, quantize, take up, go through, esteem, analyse, account, kick around, rule, reconsider, daydream, contemplate, program, get a line, debate, surmise, opinion, work out.

disbelieve, factor, doubt, deplore, abominate, distrust, overlook, kiss off, discredit, scorn, frown, detest, discountenance, disregard, mistrust, disapprove, condemn, despise, disdain, ignore, vilify, dismiss, execrate, abhor, reject, dislike, slight, hate, question, decry, discount, pooh-pooh, suspect, loathe, disfavor.

Examples of usage:

1) Wait a little, Elder; let us consider further. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) For simplicity's sake, we will consider the sun only as the observed body. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

3) There was not time for me to consider or answer them. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.