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Spell check of commit

Correct spelling: commit

bootleg, draw out, draw, drill, do, fulfill, fall in, leave to, hallow, have, promise, direct, make, displume, adorn, arrange, bedside manner, kick in, broadcast, get out, institutionalize, confine, urge on, extract, proceed, give, appoint, commend, generate, lock, excite, pull, break, enthrone, grant, allot, counterfeit, abet, encroach, practice, commission, act, consign, imprison, send out, go toward, pull in, persuade, bank, maneuver, reach, render, lock up, case, open, collapse, institutionalise, return, place, turn on, blackmail, agitate, station, use, intern, level, charge, swear, infringe, lay, commove, establish, hope, lodge, point, target, defraud, buck, saddle, rend, achieve, spur, turn over, help, cure, chip in, give way, repose, hold, pledge, dispatch, jail, rely, transmit, pull off, abuse, immure, move over, order, ordain, carry out, leave, set up, rank, sacrifice, distribute, rehearse, do wrong, sanctify, bless, afford, venture, troth, perform, gift, ask out, dedicate, obligate, mail, certify, oblige, deliver, pair off, throw, send, transfer, perpetrate, range, examine, law, shoot, assay, fall back on, grade, prevail on, post, take out, transgress, exploit, negotiate, tear, pluck, root for, frame, shoot down, desire, ordinate, utilize, get off, vouchsafe, attract, pay, throw in the towel, convey, set, recommend, locate, free, attempt, wrong, bind, dissuade, apportion, abduct, carry off, vest, chat up, contract, flirt, clothe, hand over, chase, admit, draw on, present, yield, lock away, pass, trespass, put away, bring off, file, allocate, aim, run after, jug, pull up, prod, follow through, trust, compass, authorize, believe, ease up, site, caseload, employ, entice, consecrate, consume, vow, undertake, rouse, execute, volunteer, apply, practise, endeavor, pull out, confide, rip, founder, invest, transport, induct, air, motivate, contribute, endue, load, put through, blame, send off, approach, come out, charge up, cast, devote, encourage, empower, prosecute, indue, intrust, pose, part with, delegate, bill, pick up, diagnose, mortgage, redact, rate, accuse, rive, seat, guarantee, overstretch, doctor, cave in, send up, put, convince, impart, give over, entrust, burden, relegate, force, incarcerate, accomplish, extort, feed, detain, bear down, obligation, deplumate, draw in, endow, assign, maltreat, localise, couch, ship, lavish, identify, localize, constrain, bring in, exercise, hand, engage, position, deplume, pass on, beam, come in.

hold, reserve, unfetter, keep, possess, detain, release, own, hold back, occupy, divest, liberate, take over, fail, unbind, emancipate, take, unchain, skimp, uncage, free, slight, receive, accept, retain, enfranchise, withhold, slur, discharge, take in, renege, manumit.

Examples of usage:

1) Beyond that, he refused to commit himself. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) You are making a mockery of the good Sisters; and I do not wish to hear you commit such a great fault. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) My first intention was to read it, but I finally concluded to commit it to memory, and to deliver it without the aid of the manuscript. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.