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Spell check of discharge

Correct spelling: discharge

miss, transaction, emit, departure, connection, crossfire, repose, immunity, go off, wages, seep, network, spout, bagging, dole, drift off, kindling, fall away, crystallise, dope off, vomit, campaign, action, cut down, megahertz, conductor, straighten out, tone ending, sparkle, make off, slay, defray, vindication, emission, debark, dispel, lighting, resign, electromagnetism, ejaculation, let go, ignition, expelling, judgement of dismissal, exhaust, disgrace, implementation, concession, unblock, charge, provoke, judgment of dismissal, political campaign, overlook, vacation, play out, outpouring, ohm, unfreeze, polish off, bar, outlet, deep-six, incur, IC, drip, raise, give up, give out, CPU, aim, juice, drop away, quietus, wattage, bust out, escapee, exercise, electricity, shooting, land, extravasate, leave out, loose, run through, tire, open fire, give the axe, off, set free, foot race, drain, fusillade, overflow, going, secrete, jilt, stay, pardon, stream, liberty, drop off, fire fight, implement, spillage, rill, liquidation, tally, despatch, inflammation, employ, unloosen, expenditure, spring, retribute, devolve, wield, beat, omit, spend, run off, fall behind, banish, sort out, exculpate, place down, running play, computer, exert, sink, anode, toil, void, tube, neglect, bring down, triode, settle, flood, permit, breakout, chuck out, swing, prosecution, disclaim, resistor, throw away, disapprove, compensation, watt, evoke, transmitter, induction, throw off, ooze, electrode, capacitor, carry, acquittance, relinquish, hound, take, take in, practice, squirt, fall back, pouch, tucker out, achievement, curtail, bring out, carry out, dislodge, dismissal, runnel, fee, depart, cull, rout, bump off, brownout, labor, reward, payment, acquit, can, liquidate, crop, blasting, recede, elimination, delivery, fuel, reimburse, squeeze out, negative, outflow, belch, rout out, oppugn, spew, make, flicker, incentive, dangle, wipe out, electrostatic, natural spring, burn, exile, exonerate, escaped, pay, unclutter, conduct, rid, compensate, amortize, let go of, settlement, authorise, chill, amplifier, justify, dismiss, enactment, gush, take down, television, venting, disembarrass, jettison, give notice, generate, beam, degrade, put out, waiver, tweeter, send off, exit, issue, outgo, repay, exodus, ax, come off, act, freedom, spare, trial, snip, forgive, give off, illuminate, sack up, realise, memory, absquatulate, excretion, electric arc, go over, unload, lop, turn out, light up, relieve, disgorge, fire, exoneration, volt, complete, hallucination, sack, expel, spark, remuneration, comings and goings, crisis, open up, liberation, arouse, evacuation, backplane, amnesty, lose, FM, footrace, perform, redundancy, expend, liberate, clearance, remit, carrier bag, break out, force out, ladder, check, hit, demean, comport, finish, cathode, drive-by, capacitance, unloose, publish, transude, elucidate, fountain, installment, disburse, drop, flake out, pass, dispatch, turf out, disbursement, scrap, set down, disburden, net, retire, dispensation, assoil, write down, exculpation, decamp, pay off, direct current, execution, degenerate, emanation, pursuance, release, shift, exudation, chemise, manumit, pension off, pull in, sackful, paper bag, issue from, CRT, let off, bail out, explosion, disengage, keep, license, repayment, gain, removal, terminate, light, cover, rivulet, passing, reckoning, accomplishment, eat up, abscond, amperes, cut, freeing, put in, destroy, tucker, circuit card, privilege, bounce, consume, dispense, sacque, boot, complication, demobilize, monitor, earn, fell, disembark, glint, receiver, cast off, give the sack, pretermit, run down, electronics, streamlet, remunerate, satisfy, do, empty, brighten, exempt, flow, muster out, crystallize, free, throw out, nail, extravasation, processor, handout, reprieve, exchange, blacklist, diode, sap, square, magnetism, pocket, fight, fill in, turnover, default, furlough, perpetration, flush, dribble, running, bankroll, separate, bail, shed light on, compound, deteriorate, friendly fire, retribution, dismission, ouster, relief, elicit, strike down, shake off, behave, absolve, effusion, record, fulfillment, wage, current, vacate, fall asleep, active, radio, discard, drop down, burn down, ravel, nod off, absolution, emancipate, press release, expiration, bombardment, frequency, reimbursement, egress, gunfire, deport, speaker, throw, flatten, realize, starve out, permission, firing off, report, arc, performance, hammock, implode, perforation, loss, drive out, eat, eject, radar, excise, exemption, sac, exclude, etiology, lay off, DC, execute, use up, cashier, resistance, evacuate, exude, solve, aetiology, turn, bow, load, lay, trash, crystalise, bolt, pursuit, cycle, onslaught, blackball, voltage, enkindle, arc light, remove, refund, streak, abandon, cast, button, alternating current, erupt, get down, video, impedance, fulfill, wash up, positive, oust, detonation, sacking, vindicate, pullout, pathology, excrete, send packing, kilohertz, top, vent, crystalize, put down, enlighten, make out, fill out, knock off, eliminate, send out, shed, barrage, fire off, quittance, clip, run, go about, kick out, forgiveness, evict, junk, shear, chop, exception, unlade, slip, bring in, clear, transistor, firing, microphone, except, deny, motherboard, deplete, AC, twinkle, secretion, enter, salary, dehydration, payroll, electric discharge, send away, disallow, poke, effuse, polarity, overleap, defrayal, drum out, displace, pursue, kindle, boot out, insulator, dump, shock, bear, running game, offload, acquittal, authorize, apply, excuse, ease out, doze off, circuit, pink slip, drowse off, reject, spill, transudation, clear up, test.

obligate, nonfulfillment, draft, bind, rehire, reemployment, convict, rehiring, fill up, enlist, muster in, inculpate, oblige, recall, compel, nonperformance, accuse, callback, impeach, condemn, charge, fill.

Examples of usage:

1) I'd rather put a straight jacket on a nut than fetch a pipe and tobacco for a man the day before his hospital discharge. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Knowing that the sheriff was a man of nerve and courage, and fearless in the discharge of his official duty I dreaded the result of such an undertaking, and I finally consented to go. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) Sometimes, I feel inclined to go and demand my discharge. - "Command", William McFee.