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Spell check of exit

Correct spelling: exit

get, dismissal, become flat, back door, firing, cash in one's chips, live on, button, fit, mutter, excrete, croak, pull out, dissolution, retreat, conk, great divide, departing, liberation, power down, leave-taking, matter, run off, sack, fade, fate, fog, publication, parting, fall, demise, spillage, pass on, bypass, waiver, grave, overtake, die out, pull, pall, go away, quit, strangle, spout, payoff, walking out, cue, issuance, scrag, choke, halt, decamping, go, subject, abort, top, exhale, consequence, give way, last, number, checkmate, stifle, event, divergence, come about, go bad, opening, run low, depart, fire door, go across, terminal, get by, pop off, go past, blow over, curtains, acquittance, passageway, leaving, log off, vacation, lead, authorise, move on, quietus, artery, doom, breathe out, give, emergence, faint, drop dead, guide, murmur, abandon, flee, red ink, vent, get off, forget, overhaul, start, reach, get going, fanlight, devolve, communicate, outgo, power up, conclusion, sign on, electrical outlet, take place, spill, wrap up, entrust, eliminate, handout, qualifying, bring out, live, embark, sacking, hold up, run out, gag, go through, personnel casualty, accomplishment, clear, run short, take out, impart, fret, slip away, gnarl, give-up the ghost, operate, ending, pass off, going away, passage, leave alone, restart, B-road, pull up stakes, efflux, release, finis, withdrawal, tone ending, belong, stop, outlet, legislate, red, deviation, exodus, issuing, result, expiration, come on, put across, government issue, deprivation, conk out, finalize, exceed, overtaking, cronk, fail, passing game, byroad, avenue, freeing, snuff it, extend, bequeath, go on, perish, part, make pass, press release, finale, military issue, expire, drain, topic, proceeds, culmination, move, give out, egest, discharge, exhalation, kick the bucket, will, clog, blend, comings and goings, upshot, go steady, break, double glazing, rifle, elapse, travel by, go-out, runoff, hap, decampment, fire escape, allow, departure, complete, make it, conclude, get out, effect, ramp, cessation, leave, passing, travel, closing, provide, takings, get around, byway, hand, prompt, stage direction, mercantile establishment, passing play, close, wall plug, foul, death, finish, terminate, plump, way out, pass, completion, stall, line, breathing out, cease, date, electric receptacle, lapse, sound, lighting out, draw, culminate, die, decease, sleep, boot, casement, pass away, return, termination, clog up, sink, pullout, fleet, proceed, issue, get away, glide by, come away, outcome, exhaust, slide by, congest, outflow, offspring, difference, decamp, evanesce, take, leave behind, go along, choke off, pass out, abandonment, electric outlet, draw out, swoon, boulevard, turnover, go by, blend in, loss, quitting, retail store, break down, drainage, locomote, accomplish, egress, door, overstep, blacktop, occur, windup, function, dismission, sledding, exiting, sales outlet, allow for, turn over, see, log on, endure, back up, beltway, progeny, going, wall socket, spend, go forth, transcend, survive, fall out, cap, embarkation, withdraw, pass by, hold out, grumble, dormer, slip by, asphyxiate, work, farewell, buy the farm, exeunt, become, yield, authorize, bay window, suffocate, happen, approach, end, escape, throttle, expiry, run, surpass.

come in, access, move into, coming, rise, creation, get in, nativity, birth, go into, go in, enter, genesis, entry, entryway, appearance, advent, origination, arrival, life, existence, ingress, entrance, entranceway, get into, entrée, approach, be born.

Examples of usage:

1) There was something so mysterious in that sudden exit that we just looked at our guest without understanding a word he said. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) " And I too," said the Captain, as he made his exit by an opposite door. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) In all probability he had deserted the place by some rear exit. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.