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Spell check of chop

Correct spelling: chop

frankfurter, sirloin steak, lamb chop, blacklist, wham, truncate, whack, cuff, erupt, eliminate, rap, cut back, larrup, dice, reduce, beat up, drain, discharge, plump, meat, evacuate, tenderloin, punch, meat cleaver, Canadian bacon, spareribs, ribs, emit, erode, swipe, flank, finely, vent, belt, cut out, belch, reject, buffet, smash, trash, spank, thwack, oppugn, porterhouse steak, bacon, jettison, flesh, roast, douse, shear, abandon, chuck steak, chip, chump, curtail, cut, loin chop, clap, cutlet, snip, eggbeater, ham hock, scrap, cleaver, pound, drill, swat, fillet, secrete, chop up, pot roast, rump roast, liver, prune, minimize, jilt, bludgeon, exhaust, exclude, lower, disallow, clout, beefsteak, disgorge, flail, excise, crop, corn dog, hammer blow, bang, ham, lash, hit, meat loaf, cull, beef, poultry, chicken, knock, sirloin, haymaker, halve, lamb, deep-six, disapprove, helicopter, slug, pare, trim down, fell, stinger, whop, dab, seep, thump, thud, pearly, meat pie, switch, smack, chopper, minute steak, card, kidney, discard, vomit, hack on, pork, hot dog, shrivel, stun, veal, lop, bump, batter, decrease, blow, ground beef, hamburger, file, brisket, wiener, cut up, chop shot, hack, etch, blackball, crimp, hook, venison, biff, T-bone steak, chuck, slash, lick, stripe, bust, top-slice, cut down, disclaim, slap, whoop, spew, pork chop, clip, trim, bop, pick, mince, exude, increase, shed, chip away, fillip, excrete, bar, whirlybird, bonk, chisel, check, box, junk, poke, sausage, smoked sausage, hew, wallop, cube, slam, bash, turkey, mutton, deny, beat, pelt, sock, roast beef, bat, eject, welt, filet mignon, chase, tripe.

Examples of usage:

1) He was the biggest man in Hope, and so swell- headed he wouldn't so much as pack a bucket of water all fall, or chop up a tie for kindlin'- till the day after 'lection. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) But he can chop what wood she'll need, and go to town for her once in a while, and make sure she's all right. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) Chop trees again for some rancher, most probably- in fact, I was wondering whether you would have me back as a ranch- hand. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.