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Spell check of bring

Correct spelling: bring

figure out, let, derive, move, prompt, fiddle, use up, lick, get hold of, bugger off, prevail, pay back, take aim, incur, get away from, direct, come up with, do work, shoot down, find, meet, drag in, give, chip in, take in, express, give rise to, hold, bring on, study, take, talk, come to, adopt, summon, spawn, get, take away, become, hire, escort, arrest, invoke, make for, engender, trifle, tot, set out, necessitate, net, yield, encounter, transport, land, afford, accompanied, satisfy, found, need, invent, begin, contribute, run, pack, generate, subscribe, draw, effect, knead, occupy, run to, stupefy, confer, flirt, learn, catch, playact, demand, bestow, have, function, crop, bewilder, deal, withdraw, shoot, shore, sire, haul, prefer, beat, nonplus, scram, suffer, accompany, add together, convince, turn, take on, breed, haul off, consider, appeal, experience, act upon, equip, start out, set ashore, operate, summate, constitute, set down, require, subscribe to, mould, ask, assume, perplex, pay off, bear, clear, stir, amount to, drive, pick out, occasion, fetch, cultivate, lift, serve, bring around, act, represent, flummox, guide, aim, lead to, gain, remove, pull in, get off, come, sour, receive, go, bet, spiel, puzzle out, pay, accept, tote up, involve, recreate, conduct, rent, beat around the bush, ingest, shape, cite, act as, win, solve, acquire, command, father, talk into, start, convey, contain, argue into, choose, loan, gross, exercise, contract, convert, inaugurate, admit, affirm, select, take up, transmit, mystify, consume, add, stimulate, bring before, baffle, persuade, engage, bring about, attract, bring down, result, realise, start off, get together, adduce, put up, provide, sum, form, transfer, train, wreak, produce, sustain, bring in, trigger, add up to, cater to, charter, pass on, digress, sell for, walk, play, plant, mother, exact, total, sum up, persuasion, schlep, dumbfound, postulate, arrive, establish, do, arraign, deliver, amaze, capture, cause, put down, make, pose, leave, institute, sell, allow, realize, develop, ingenerate, wander, lease, work out, process, lend, translate, tot up, fix, pick up, add up, shepherd, communicate, call for, tally, result in, return, impart, buzz off, fill, vex, strike, set off, exploit, roleplay, set about, kick in, append, catalyze, call, commence, dally, prevail on, resource, create, channel, work, submit, look at, touch off, shoulder, toy, get under one's skin, stray, carry, mold, obtain, declare, induce, secure, grow, draw on, influence, earn, argue, come out, put to work, introduce, get down, claim, puzzle, effectuate, lead, appear, gravel, work on, offer, arrange, bring forth, come by, beget, forge, film, down, stick, conduce, wager, supply, ferment, diddle, hump, read.

destroy, can, fall under, check, crack down, discourage, stifle, throw down, repress, arrest, drop, bear away, deter, restrain, rein, limit, dampen, give up, demolish, bear off, control, quash, let go, carry away, restrict, dissuade, squash, put down, clamp down, smother, quell, abolish, still, shake off, subdue, liquidate, squelch, impede, curb, suppress, take away, quench, carry off, inhibit, extinguish, snuff, crush, throw off.

Examples of usage:

1) She is going to bring Charlie home. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Mother'll bring you something for it, dear. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Then I'll bring Goldbug. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.