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Spell check of cull

Correct spelling: cull

shrink, garner, winnow, second, evacuate, pluck, choice, jilt, put down, deplete, lighten, deep-six, compress, choose, bite, minimize, opt, oppugn, soak, drain, taper, belch, prune, excrete, plunk, assemble, pick off, angling, lop, tweak, bob, exude, condense, capture, vomit, peck, round up, discard, extract, spew, exclude, exhaust, gather, bait, cut, dwindle, select, shorten, get together, surcharge, exterminate, scrap, blacklist, buy up, abandon, glean, fleece, deny, bar, scrape together, check, disclaim, cast, collect, piece, hunt, pull off, decrement, tear, curtail, shed, stockpile, concentrate, blame, butcher, lessen, hook, overcharge, secrete, shear, foot, rob, displume, poach, pare, find fault, reject, eliminate, bag, emit, shave, clean, disallow, seep, junk, destroy, vent, hunt out, pick, chop, disapprove, truncate, weed, crop, nip, trash, erupt, plume, beak, abbreviate, reduce, disgorge, roll, deflate, rejection, snip, break up, prefer, elect, accumulate, decrease, jettison, downgrade, pick out, pick up, pull, diminish, abridge, deplume, trim, amass, discharge, single, eject, compact, clip, harvest, blackball, nibble, blood sports, separate, erode, excise, hustle, big game, gazump, contract, deplumate.

decline, leave, cast out, dismiss, repudiate, disclaim, refuse, reject, cast away.

Examples of usage:

1) In comparing her earliest with her latest style, it is clear that from the first she was apt to cull her illustrations from the physical sciences, thereby showing how much these studies had become part of herself. - "George Eliot", Mathilde Blind.

2) Others, to whom fortune was less kind, were striving to cull from unsympathetic neighbors some evidences of interest and intelligence, or had resigned themselves to the melancholy fate of being bored. - "With Edge Tools", Hobart Chatfield-Taylor.

3) Not a one, cull. - "Flowing Gold", Rex Beach.