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Spell check of exclude

Correct spelling: exclude

shear, ban, extract, demur, dispose, suspend, eliminate, squirt, check, force out, shut, discharge, shed, vent, stop, draw off, lop, erupt, ask out, head off, pretermit, release, blackball, block up, toss away, excommunicate, vomit, deny, draw out, seep, exile, disallow, extradite, overleap, move out, pull up, drop, stave off, banish, put away, squeeze out, cut, oppugn, overlook, junk, trash, turn up, expatriate, oust, splay, withdraw, unpack, emit, proscribe, count out, include, barricade, arise, separate, quarantine, disbar, throw away, disgorge, block, reject, cut off, evict, snip, except, isolate, blockade, bear, boot out, excerpt, disclaim, disapprove, rotate, throw out, exude, uprise, exhaust, curtail, displace, crop, count, turf out, avoid, confine, drum out, boycott, screen, seclude, keep out, jettison, turn out, secrete, cast away, disqualify, relegate, close, take away, leave off, scrap, excrete, miss, pull out, leave out, shut out, prohibit, ostracize, repudiate, toss out, prove, forbid, discard, fling, spew, drive out, bar, avert, spread out, closet, ward off, renounce, get up, cast out, toss, extirpate, take out, forefend, sideline, shut out of, invite out, cloister, amputate, get out, switch off, drain, detach, cast aside, excise, jilt, neglect, belch, cordon, put out, chuck out, eradicate, insulate, starve out, deflect, deep-six, block off, alienate, buy food, rise, pull, segregate, freeze out, forfend, fend off, dismiss, eject, close out, ignore, evacuate, come out, chop, blacklist, obviate, omit, remove, miss out, draw, kick out, cull, send away, rule out, clip, sequester, hound, expel, debar, turn off, deport, abandon.

embrace, let in, admit, include, welcome, entertain, receive, take in, accept.

Examples of usage:

1) Would he exclude from the domain of tragedy the entire episode in Hardy's Return of the Native, of the death of Eustace's mother? - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.

2) Even the occurrence of names of towns belonging to the kingdom of Ephraim would not exclude the possibility that Shishak's campaign was undertaken in favour of Jeroboam. - "The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)", Max Duncker.

3) In September, 1899, John Hay addressed a note to the European Powers interested, asking recognition of the policy of the " open door," which means that no power should exclude the citizens of other nations from equal trade rights, within its sphere of influence, in China. - "History of the United States, Volume 6 (of 6)", E. Benjamin Andrews.