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Spell check of displace

Correct spelling: displace

go, usher out, uncrown, derange, go off, renew, disconnect, hash, ripple, send packing, perturb, deprive, squeeze out, transpose, roughen, defrock, tumble, expel, propel, botch, expatriate, reposition, unsettle, cease, ignore, commute, give the sack, oust, fire, preempt, supersede, flush out, give notice, relegate, evict, rout out, disarrange, clear, swap, apprize, elicit, provoke, advise, cut out, churn, sweep away, toss, put up, give way, motivate, discompose, evoke, terminate, send word, strike, disengage, drive out, bump, meddle, burn down, arouse, dislocate, discount, sack, incite, affect, burn, send away, raise, uproot, give the axe, brush off, sack up, brush aside, throw out, open fire, trouble, actuate, second, jumble, exchange, disturb, depose, unthrone, disregard, represent, subrogate, ferment, shake, dissolve, displant, whisk, get out, notify, replace, travel, can, substitute, disorder, rummage, mess, unmake, imitate, locomote, extract, enkindle, relocate, take, change, supplant, deport, be active, give the bounce, confuse, switch, scatter, fuel, agitate, roil, alternate, run, tin, push aside, banish, dismiss, force out, dislodge, rouse, disjoin, remove, tousle, squirt, impress, budge, discharge, disorganize, swirl, net, make a motion, dishevel, starve out, trade, give the gate, mislay, misplace, blur, muss, drop, whip, shift, exile, convulse, transport, kindle, weed out, tamper, take off, move, mix-up, deracinate, hound, act, end, succeed, ruffle, finish, prompt, capsize, relieve, gouge, muddle, stop, scramble, apprise, eject, confound, rumple, crowd out, unseat, dethrone, proceed, upset, plunder, clutter, transfer.

dispose, crown, lodge, embed, baptize, admit, order, instate, secure, freeze, stabilize, take in, receive, assort, implant, shelter, throne, naturalize, designate, elect, inaugurate, invest, root, group, ingrain, accept, sort, anchor, enthrone, induct, entertain, house, place, moor, set, install, harbor, repatriate, adjust, classify, entrench, appoint, initiate, array, fix.

Examples of usage:

1) But we have preferred to have our returned soldiers stay without work, or to displace the men and women who had been gallantly " doing their bit." - "The Book of Life: Vol. I Mind and Body; Vol. II Love and Society", Upton Sinclair.

2) Therefore, if the sheet of paper falls more quickly when it is rolled up into a ball, it is certainly because it meets with less resistance from the air; and if it meets with less resistance, it is because under this form of a ball it presents only a small surface, which allows it easily to displace the air in order to pass." - "In Search of a Son", William Shepard Walsh.

3) Not to displace, of course, Stephen, who remained as a stained- glass window remains, to be looked at and treasured and remembered- but here was a living wonder! - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.