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Spell check of confine

Correct spelling: confine

choke, cap, afflict, keep down, snare, torture, encircle, pound, stockade, certify, cell, keep back, withstand, crucify, persecute, oust, San Quentin, enwrap, eject, remove, chasten, hold up, hold down, deport, avenge, strangulate, chastise, ensnare, halt, have, stay, conceal, jump, encumber, take a hop, insert, pen in, reform school, shut up, bridle, penitentiary, surround, take hold, pillory, go for, bedside manner, sentence, prison, recoil, support, enclose, put in, arrest, shut in, eliminate, withhold, have got, anguish, delay, cut back, declare, qualify, pen, curtail, incarcerate, rebound, lockup, keep, ostracize, penalize, tether, cut into, restrict, oblige, castigate, kill off, entrap, cooler, constrict, specify, bound, wall, distress, stick in, close in, interfere with, diagnose, hold back, burden, banish, collar, commit, trap, cordon, jail, cage, book, blackball, condemn, ricochet, seclude, defend, impede, cover, repress, fix, alienate, defy, concord, fence, lambaste, stronghold, hinder, agree, lock, reprise, hold, straight jacket, bar, doctor, throw, evict, penal colony, retain, make, Bastille, dungeon, examine, admit, exile, vise, fine, Alcatraz, jailhouse, reject, intern, regulate, boycott, adjudge, introduce, shackle, give, leash, fetter, resile, guard, oubliette, nurse, inhibit, excommunicate, shut off, corral, control, restrain, reformatory, isolate, extradite, bear, keelhaul, leap, extirpate, imprison, view as, disbar, gaol, wrap, cure, concur, caseload, detach, take for, pinion, squeeze out, trammel, lock in, determine, curb, segregate, harbor, insulate, accommodate, limit, punish, spring, separate, brig, free, impound, strangle, stamp out, deem, contain, check, border, correct, screen, limited, jug, closet, blacklist, cumber, throttle, expatriate, circumscribe, carry, reverberate, execute, expel, handcuff, sequester, envelop, prevail, detain, define, reserve, immure, inclose, keep in, maintain, take, discipline, apply, manacle, exclude, obtain, intimidate, constrain, harbour, lock up, moderate, abridge, encompass, set, coop, obligate, agonize, bounce, judge, try, sustain, quarantine, irons, suppress, shut away, hold in, entertain, keep under, bind, embrace, enfold, harness, cloister.

enfranchise, manumit, liberate, loose, broaden, incite, release, let loose, uncage, expand, exceed, animate, overextend, widen, aid, emancipate, excite, overreach, discharge, unloosen, unbind, unchain, encourage, unloose, free, unfetter, set free, impel, arouse.

Examples of usage:

1) I shall confine myself exclusively to this State. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

2) Why not confine the husband at the instance of the wife, as well as the wife at the instance of the husband? - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.

3) Hence- without pressing my opinion on the reader- I confine myself to an expression of doubt as to the existence of Celts amongst the Celtiberi at all. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.