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Spell check of clip

Correct spelling: clip

reduce, spat, slug, lower, bring down, eject, bayonet, bracket, seal, check, clinch, safety belt, cut, strike, lop off, bore, erupt, slash, snip, truncate, drain, cut down, garb, rivet, scrap, press cutting, cull, deflate, rubber band, blackball, bust, cultivate, cartridge holder, fastener, cotter, clamp, lop, cartridge, nip off, gouge out, preen, clothe, deep-six, line up, buffet, lash, content, weld, vent, latch, raiment, trash, zipper, cuff, cleat, powder magazine, magazine, jog, ramble, rabbet, rope, erode, crop, brad, pelt, seep, hinge, nip, compact, lace, coverage, shrink, sentence, spew, prune, cartridge clip, clipping, decrease, shrivel, magazine publisher, secrete, anklet, action replay, knock, catch, circlet, trim back, nail, excise, stripe, clock time, poke, dwindle, exude, trimming, calibre, reject, fuse, hit, pick, lighten, suture, compress, hook, batter, grapnel, costume jewelry, lock, exhaust, metre, increase, do, tie, halve, curry, oppugn, evacuate, graze, dab, press clipping, squeeze, rationalize, smite, holder, slog, hasp, pop, pin, commentary, shear, plume, apparel, shed, shorten, agent, skin, hawser, abandon, swipe, overcharge, cut short, thwack, bang, break off, scalp, switch, cinch, disgorge, smash, braid, snap, splice, belittle, cut away, powder store, chop, bangle, garment, fix, hitch, square up, bar, lessen, brace, fillip, tog, bat, hack, gouge, elide, middleman, attach, snippet, tweet, shave, mucilage, curtail, coupling, time, cameo, snipping, dress, band, fastening, whop, knot, junk, break, ligament, excrete, habilitate, staple, buckle, discard, conk, sever, thump, clap, delete, paste, ramble on, strap, downgrade, condense, wallop, fasten, vinculum, spike, groom, button, fourth dimension, jettison, filler, hammer, restrict, cut back, disallow, twine, slam, chamber, range, discharge, weed, snip off, pound, break short, dock, bob, coif, larrup, go-between, top-slice, bop, thud, rip off, clasp, bond, box, smack, tack, swat, pasture, spank, anchor, belt, whack, caliber, decorate, pinch, flash back, depreciate, disclaim, honest, pare, decrement, cement, twinge, beat, brooch, fit out, coiffure, bash, twitch, trim, get dressed, knitting, binder, newspaper clipping, bonding, dress out, disapprove, meter, punch, browse, haymaker, string, deny, stinger, blacklist, cincture, medium, mag, welt, abridge, garnish, bracelet, work, cutting, arrange, jilt, emit, thread, finely, cut up, nick, barrel, deduct, etch, subtract, eliminate, stay, plump, cut out, douse, concentrate, fleece, trim down, join, wham, trot, minimize, diminish, contract, discount, coiffe, cord, exclude, rationalise, connect, stitch, mediator, attack, soak, sock, connector, vomit, belch, rap, highlights, lick, glue, cut off, curb, choker, secure, taper, primp, closure, bolt, deplete, chop off, vise, even up, guy, abbreviate, dress up, binding, gauge, discerp, clout, slap, link, chain, prison term, set, cable, skewer, biff, episode, enclothe.


Examples of usage:

1) At a good clip the auto was run out Park Heights avenue and back. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) Along a soft dirt road we went at a good clip, Leonidas trailing desperately in the rear. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) When he got too restless to be able to settle down to anything else, he was walking about the valley, moving along at his best clip regardless of obstacles until he was ready to drop to the ground wherever he was. - "Gone Fishing", James H. Schmitz.