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Spell check of extradite

Correct spelling: extradite

rescue, deny, acquittal, arrest, closet, comport, blacklist, screen, boycott, disbar, seclude, redeem, segregate, cloister, acquit, turn in, expel, repudiate, exclude, give up, sequester, eliminate, amputate, behave, pitch, citation, have, save, conduct, obtain, ban, banish, fork up, isolate, reject, deport, hand over, bear, insulate, give birth, annul, drive home, prohibit, detach, return, call for, bar, charge, disallow, remove, fork out, render, disqualify, fork over, relegate, award, eject, exile, ignore, surrender, oust, extirpate, deliver, birth, alienate, separate, abandon, proscribe, excommunicate, ostracize, expatriate, cede, evict, carry, confine, cordon, eradicate, forbid, present, apprehend, renounce, blackball, excise.

Examples of usage:

1) The evidence was too damning, and the knowledge that the prisoner was not English and that it would be impossible to extradite him if he managed to make his escape to certain countries, all helped to influence the magistrate in his refusal. - "Jack O' Judgment", Edgar Wallace.

2) Switzerland is an independent country which would have held me up officially on being requested to do so, although they do not extradite for political offenses, but being held up is bad enough. - "The Secrets of the German War Office", Dr. Armgaard Karl Graves.

3) They dared not take me out of the United States without official documents, and they would have been forged ones, for they intended trumping up a criminal charge against me, the political one not being strong enough to allow them to extradite me. - "Tom Swift and his Air Glider or, Seeking the Platinum Treasure", Victor Appleton.