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Spell check of depart

Correct spelling: depart

fit, get down, bug out, forget, originate, get going, change, commence, give up, hold out, rifle, vanish, peg out, kick the bucket, go off, go out, array, bail, peel off, begin, quit, flee, decline, move, get off the ground, veer, detonate, cancel, foreswear, stir up, evanesce, deduct, expound, split, proceed, pack, live, bulge out, protrude, retire, provide, entrust, bequeath, dissolve, outgo, drain, melt, go, exposit, touch off, expire, discontinue, sidetrack, sally, run, function, fail, stop, err, omit, shove off, exit, shove, endure, perish, throw in, cease, motley, take leave, instigate, impart, incite, bug off, subtract, abstract, live on, relinquish, drift, wither, throw in the towel, pop, allow for, push off, conk out, push on, renounce, start, dig out, spark off, go away, take off, decamp, embark, will, fade, issue, pop out, kick in, blow, split up, run off, leave behind, get off, pop off, bail out, fall, start up, result, go bad, withdraw, set forth, resign, croak, break up, lead off, operate, lead, sprawl, run low, blend in, succumb, pike, deviate, walk out, scarper, approach, bulge, give-up the ghost, sink, flatline, separate, divide, variegate, stray, conk, take time off, jump, spout, swerve, break down, pull up stakes, pull out, allow, get, vamoose, explode, set off, trip, sound, digress, lift off, clear out, deflect, embark on, spark, empty, divagate, give way, check out, take up, plump, pass, choke, leave office, evaporate, get away, part, turn aside, abandon, drop, bring out, last, diverge, evacuate, come out, alter, vent, fall by the wayside, range, set about, wander, die, drop out, shift, get out, work, kick off, travel, run along, give, snuff it, vacate, disappear, blend, start out, become, decease, vary, break, absent, go forth, trigger, exhaust, set out, chuck up the sponge, buy the farm, locomote, divert, activate, run short, fly, outflow, end, cut out, offset, straggle, cash in one's chips, step out, buzz, lay out, startle, extend, clear off, pass away, void, correct, hide, give out, leave alone, blow up, demise, belong, leave, step down, drop by the wayside, step, bugger off, disunite, pass on, refract, book, discharge, hold up, drop dead, actuate, lay off, survive, initiate, trigger off, begone.

come into being, come up, settle, come to, approach, remain, exist, hit, linger, begin, breathe, near, flourish, lodge, abide, live, dwell, come, be, tarry, prosper, conform, arrive, show up, reach, turn up, come to life, stay, thrive, close, be born, survive, land, grow, revive, subsist.

Examples of usage:

1) As if they had been waiting for a leader, the others rose also and prepared to depart. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) It was that she should depart on the noon train for the East, and remain as long as circumstances required. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) Pelleas is very anxious to depart on a long journey to see a friend who is dying. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.