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Spell check of abstract

Correct spelling: abstract

revoke, epitome, prospectus, transcendent, modernist, top, classical, get up, poach, schema, absent, swipe, bodiless, plume, elevate, spiritual, omit, imaginary, hoist, hijack, gone, neoclassic, twitch, rear, crochet, knock off, compendium, vellicate, abstraction, outline, objective, rise, notional, squeeze, extort, soak, missing, analysis, gazump, filch, immaterial, academic, summarize, haul, withdraw, ideational, truant, away, reverse, addict, incorporeal, pilfer, sketch, pinch, summary, slip, speculative, accost, leave, palm, transcendental, synopsis, shoplift, fleece, hypothetical, stickup, departed, plagiarize, mouse, face-lift, omitted, generalization, cabbage, hornswoggle, unearthly, swindle, repeal, void, pussyfoot, lineation, airlift, resume, plunder, symbolic, nonrealistic, loot, go up, empty, abstractedness, twinge, thieve, nonobjective, gyp, short-change, heist, lacking, supernatural, precis, embezzle, burglarize, arise, idealist, digest, hook, elsewhere, naturalist, annul, conceptional, theoretic, nonexistent, no-show, hypothetic, holdup, wind, con, come up, purloin, technical, imponderable, vacant, cop, unworldly, rustle, blackmail, pocket, plagiarise, tweet, defraud, real, symbolist, rob, generalisation, abduct, abstractionist, bunco, glom, abbreviation, grab, overturn, cubist, impalpable, mug, kidnap, remove, nip, gip, realistic, move up, countermand, goldbrick, scam, pirate, depart, theoretical, words, victimize, compend, creep, diddle, crimp, condense, vacate, ideal, scheme, decrease, complex, rook, Impressionist, bring up, metaphysical, brief, sneak, obscure, painting, unsubstantial, nonrepresentational, snitch, snarf, condensation, wanting, snare, rescind, lift, mulct, extract, abridgment, nonfigurative, general, solicit, conceptual, evacuate, steal, nobble, intellectual, expressionist, shanghai, uprise, difficult, surcharge, pluck, out, overcharge, romantic, raise, involved, excerpt, intangible, eerie, separate, ethereal.

discernible, actual, sensible, distinct, visible, factual, palpable, substantial, detectable, real, physical, figurative, observable, naturalistic, noticeable, appreciable, applied, tangible, defined, representational, objective, realistic, lifelike, material, perceptible, natural, concrete, definite.

Examples of usage:

1) Value, then, is quantity of abstract labour, and now what is quantity of labour? - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Tensor could only assume that his point of view was becoming less abstract. - "Fair and Warmer", E. G. von Wald.

3) The idea of his being willing to contemplate marriage, so to speak, in the abstract, as the men who went to Winnipeg for their wives did, was repugnant to her, and the alternative possibility that he had somebody in particular in view already afforded her no great consolation. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.