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Spell check of enfranchisement

Correct spelling: enfranchisement

rank, seniority, privilege, kingship, office, prerogative, faculty, title, charge, command, confirmation, approval, puissance, designation, punch, prepotency, mightiness, domination, superiority, manumission, powerfulness, authorization, prestige, suffrage, power, blessing, warrant, stature, might, affirmation, control, authority, assent, precedence, agreement, strength, authentication, steam, mandate, force, empowerment, clout, sanction, permission, dealership, entitlement, right, purview, ballot, influence, birthright, documentation, mastery, sovereignty, emancipation, potency, cogency, corroboration, freeing, certificate, commission, credentials, franchise, consent, validation, notarization, credential, license, release, sway, certification, primacy, vote.

disenfranchisement, internment, enslavement, conquest, incarceration, bondage, imprisonment, captivity, subjugation, yoke, servitude, serfdom, enchainment, thralldom.

Examples of usage:

1) By this time my sight had become so seriously affected that I was absolutely unable to read the clearest print; even now, a month after my enfranchisement, though keen Atlantic breezes and home comforts have worked wonders, I cannot write five consecutive sentences without a respite. - "Border and Bastille", George A. Lawrence.

2) But, between 1860 and 1870, when the enfranchisement of the serfs reduced the power of the censor, all that had been confined in the souls of the Russians burst forth. - "Contemporary Russian Novelists", Serge Persky.

3) When, by the enfranchisement of the Uitlanders, the Transvaal has ceased to be a purely Boer State, questions will arise as to its relations with the other States of South Africa. - "Impressions of South Africa", James Bryce.