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Spell check of compact

Correct spelling: compact

stuff, silent, estate, demo, apothegmatic, squeeze, chummy, promise, big, blunt, teeny, arrangement, brawny, concord, tight, bantam, meager, burly, roll up, elliptical, wedge, pithy, extort, serried, iron out, loggerheaded, take, thrust, face powder, squash, unanimity, crowded, pinch, conjure, epigrammatical, abridge, pact, wad, compendious, consent, narrow, stumpy, shove, hard, condensed, federation, eyebrow pencil, assurance, entreat, gouge, dragster, tamp, shave, stubby, embrace, rigid, broadsheet, bosom, rack, bid, eyeliner, reduce, consensus, empathy, crusade, adjure, assent, jam-packed, sign on, belittle, hale, weightlift, spare, to the point, dwarfish, duncish, concise, aphoristic, bundle up, nugatory, cohesive, hug, crush, quiet, condense, recede, subside, undertake, decrement, close-packed, compress, incisive, shrink, back copy, deplete, crisp, meaning, coupe, alliance, foundation, pocket, deduct, little, cruiser, mutual agreement, minimize, load down, contract, miniature, sparing, thumbnail, stiff, exhort, tiny, pile, laconic, lower, biweekly, settlement, baby, engagement, short, solid, press out, agitate, twinge, capitulation, microscopic, boneheaded, chunky, confederacy, get, thickset, pare, bunch, eye shadow, fat, minuscule, push, cram, backpack, compact car, coalition, modest, bunch up, teeny-weeny, wooden-headed, trim, abate, negligible, clump, weeny, pack together, union, wring, style, concentrate, weigh, terse, piddling, economical, tamp down, force, comic book, snug, delicate, bargain, prune, abrupt, runty, agreement, stingy, petite, sign up, squelch, wither, thin, accession, convertible, powder compact, diminutive, lessen, acceptance, tweet, pressure, minor, squat, jampack, beseech, thick, dwarf, jam, scrawny, weight-lift, puny, urge on, erode, curt, close, slurred, smallish, common ground, accord, vow, trifling, constringe, heavyset, obligation, campaign, carry, covenant, duncical, deal, scanty, pack, summary, built, shear, thickheaded, stipulation, greasepaint, itty-bitty, capsule, fusion, accordance, oath, sententious, dwindle, taper, automatic, diminish, minimal, iron, acquiescence, beefy, deflate, bob, clayey, bindi, ungenerous, slim, blockheaded, few, league, constrict, twitch, curtail, let down, midget, cluster, niggardly, impacted, small, bond, unyielding, truncate, blush, nip, full, urge, teensy, drumhead, toy, treaty, understanding, abbreviate, guarantee, epigrammatic, dense, beggarly, low, press, blocky, downgrade, shorten, confederation, bullnecked, scale back, brochure, clip, bundle, die down, succinct, tighten, abridged, brusque, wedged, minute, throng, stocky, mash, pledge, deep, shrivel, fight, deficient, clipped, practice bundling, classic car, chock up, ram, back number, crop, marrowy, drain, coltish, foreshorten, sign, wee, barrel-chested, packed, brass-tacks, dumpy, scant, consolidated, cloggy, telegraphic, slight, decrease, bulletin, heavy, paltry, monosyllabic, discreet, concordance, blusher, thick-skulled, concordat, coerce, cut, stodgy, partnership, buddy-buddy, brief, short and sweet, back issue, cabriolet, cull, comic, mob, lighten, weed, miserly, concurrence, fatheaded, picayune.

exaggerated, prolix, expanded, tautological, bendable, unconsolidated, windy, airy, loose, malleable, roomy, separation, antagonism, pleonastic, pliant, shifting, flexible, silty, enmity, lank, porous, flaccid, wordy, open, unfirm, tautologous, supple, droopy, diffuse, squashy, commodious, repetitious, slack, uncrowded, spongy, war, hostility, embellished, light, verbose, circuitous, limp, secession, thin, scattered, long-winded, elastic, enlarged, squishy, redundant, circumlocutory, tall, spacious, disunion, pliable, schism, supplemented, embroidered, inflated, permeable, soft, discord, divorce, rambling, floppy, flabby.

Examples of usage:

1) I'll make a compact with you, gentlemen- fellow citizens! - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) The only animal that has made a compact with man is the dog. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

3) They drank, and the act was as a seal on a secret compact. - "Command", William McFee.