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Spell check of compress

Correct spelling: compress

sign up, capsulize, dramatize, weed, cane, cast, truncate, thrust, entreat, deplete, minimize, abbreviate, shove, undertake, urge on, shorten, abstract, dehydrate, conjure, hale, squash, extort, Band-Aid, time, pinch, shrink, cramp, force, block, burn in, twinge, reschedule, taper, bandage, narrow, plane, telescope, wring, author, bring forward, wedge, corset, burn, ram, cut down, wad, concentrate, consolidate, put back, condense, grind, urge, back up, put off, smooth, lower, collapse, decrement, weigh, cram, cotton, delete, reduce, embrace, bob, epitomize, shear, curtail, hug, lessen, bid, trim, campaign, squeeze, archive, crusade, pare, adjure, press, push, deflate, depress, bowdlerize, compact, even, move, scrunch, squelch, pack together, mash, access, press out, boil down, adapt, stuff, recede, squish, shave, erode, grade, tighten, cull, censor, agitate, diminish, rearrange, coagulate, drain, fix, constrict, beseech, collar, pack, cut, crush, shrivel, braces, tweet, rack, level, foreshorten, pressure, bosom, cotton ball, sign on, downgrade, decrease, rub, iron out, append, crowd, call up, flatten, abate, wither, browse, prune, iron, schedule, gouge, fight, constringe, get, bundle, capsule, deduct, coerce, take, capture, twitch, nip, exhort, crop, subside, weight-lift, summarize, clip, contract, dwindle, abridge, postpone, die down, lighten, increase, weightlift, sign.

disperse, swell, inflate, open, expand, puff, distend, accumulate, scatter, decompress, grow, balloon, outstretch, uncompress, increase, snowball, dissipate, dilate, outspread.

Examples of usage:

1) The force of gravity at the visible surface of Jupiter may be found from its mass and dimensions to be 2. 6 times as great as at the surface of the earth, and the pressure exerted upon its atmosphere by this force ought to compress the lower strata into something more dense than we find in the planet. - "A Text-Book of Astronomy", George C. Comstock.

2) But Adele, who had all this time been discreetly looking out of the window, now interposed with the suggestion that a fresh compress was needed, as the wound in her mistress's forehead was still bleeding. - "The Song of Songs", Hermann Sudermann.

3) He was at the cotton- compress making arrangements to have a quantity of cotton prepared for shipment, when he met one of Long's clerks. - "Dixie Hart", Will N. Harben.