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Spell check of fat

Correct spelling: fat

plop, toothsome, across, risque, stuffed, portly, expand, fleshy, thick, fatten up, thickset, elaborate, lucrative, margarine, mint, hairline, jam-packed, podgy, carbohydrate, olive oil, butterfat, massive, plank, baby fat, packed, deep, juicy, wealthy, jowly, surplus, hefty, well-endowed, luxuriant, ample, flabby, embonpoint, fatten, bulky, gainful, plummet, unguent, naughty, fatten out, palm oil, adipose tissue, heavyset, pyknic, luscious, ascorbic acid, cellulite, plunk, porcine, robust, loaded, suety, overrun, remunerative, brimful, brimming, weighty, margerine, round, albumin, replete, dumpy, plunk down, lush, talk, buttery, chock-full, chockablock, round out, crude, butter, gossip, fruitful, gamy, plump, fatty, solid, cornucopian, compact, overflow, tubby, pudgy, copious, flush, deep-pocketed, zaftig, full, elongated, puffy, roly-poly, plump down, ponderous, superfatted, well-fixed, jammed, beer belly, well-off, stocky, flump, bursting, blubber, confer, petroleum, caffeine, overage, rounded, opulent, go, pile, overstock, megabucks, spicy, connective tissue, paunchy, pigment, middle-aged spread, oil, expound, full-bodied, flesh out, plump out, fine, affluent, crowded, pad, superfluity, additive, potbellied, filmy, prolific, flab, matrix, money-spinning, double chin, lubrication, avoirdupois weight, excess, avoirdupois, fructuous, aspartame, grease, double-chinned, beefy, lucubrate, payout, oleaginous, lumpish, fill in, moneymaking, fill out, overmuch, attenuated, economic, mucous membrane, love handles, zoftig, coloring, lard, beer gut, plumpish, productive, voluptuous, fatty tissue, expatiate, plentiful, thin, burly, meaty, profitable, paying, glut, rich, oily, copra, obese, suet, generative, eke out, melanin, adipose, gut, big, wealth, fattish, well-to-do, swollen, colouring, curd, enlarge, hydrogenated, surplusage, filled, heavy-set, monounsaturated, crammed, stout, fatness, brawny, gross, ghee, husky, extra virgin, fat-cat, lardy, buxom, gamey, heavy, rotund, broad, endomorphic, big money, dilate, moneyed, fecund, tissue, silk-stocking, complete, oversupply, mucus, fortune, blubbery, paper-thin, racy, plonk, blue, corpulent, red-hot, abdominous, chubby, lean, plenteous, windfall, chunky, large, loose-jowled, balm, well-heeled, narrow, overweight, fertile, greasy, sebaceous, flesh, exposit, make out, big bucks.

disadvantageous, svelte, wasp-waisted, scarecrowish, close, unfavorable, slender-waisted, gangly, spindly, dead, willowy, condensed, shallow, unproductive, straitened, shrunken, sunken-eyed, thin, stark, short, wisplike, shrivelled, insolvent, spindle-legged, skeletal, fine, disadvantaged, impecunious, slim-waisted, trim, bony, poor, wizen, scanty, rawboned, small, wispy, insufficient, reedlike, wanting, poverty-stricken, indebted, anorectic, needy, fatless, impoverished, scraggy, haggard, hairline, penurious, angular, reedy, void, reduced, paper-thin, infertile, sterile, wiry, bankrupted, spindling, gangling, meager, squeezed, scrawny, boney, stringy, spare, lank, exhausted, twiggy, deprived, ectomorphic, tight, attenuate, slim, twiglike, wasted, pauperized, sparse, broke, skinny, narrow, inadequate, shy, slim-jim, needlelike, low, smallish, slight, spindle-shanked, waspish, hand-to-mouth, blank, barren, shortish, incomplete, underprivileged, anorexic, scant, hollow-eyed, hairlike, skimp, lanky, compressed, wizened, underweight, skimpy, bare, unfruitful, attenuated, gaunt, devoid, weedy, fat-free, vacant, undersized, nonfat, penniless, slender, bottleneck, shriveled, tightened, pinched, unfertile, withered, rangy, constricted, deep-eyed, thinness, sylphlike, sinewy, empty, cadaverous, ruined, puny, contracted, emaciated, destitute, indigent, drained, deficient, lean, unprofitable, skint, bankrupt, beggared, elongate, leanness, depressed, depleted.

Examples of usage:

1) Her sympathies were with Jerry, and quickening her pace she slipped her arm through that of the fat girl, saying, " Don't you think to- morrow's algebra lesson is hard?" - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) The Mahdi observed both children with a fleeting glance, brightened his fat face with his customary smile, after which he first addressed Idris and Gebhr: " You came from the distant north," he said. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) " It'll show up fine at dark," a fat woman in a buggy remarked. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.