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Spell check of best

Correct spelling: best

stovepipe, peerless, illuminati, furthest, full dress, A-list, ruling, renowned, paramount, scoop out, furthermost, consummate, royalty, legendary, beaver, wanted, lift out, controlling, unexceeded, boot-cut, unsurpassed, illustrious, C. H. Best, superman, ideal, outclass, optimum, backless, premium, desired, commanding, nonesuch, past master, trump, scoop up, defeat, corps d'elite, the Top Ten, transcend, ascendant, maximum, surmount, top-quality, artist, bravery, well-known, prodigy, superlative, first class, loftiest, array, thrash, go-to-meeting, headmost, frippery, Sunday, advisable, pride, big, dress hat, take up, overcome, knock out, quintessential, most, eclipse, elite, outflank, dominant, largest, exponent, crush, desirable, preeminent, nonpareil, greatest, regalia, button-through, silk hat, the last word, outdo, most advantageous, better, culminating, baggy, glad rags, brief, clingy, maestro, casual, inimitable, highest, predominate, sovereign, flower, champion, zenith, prize, crowning, unexcelled, upper crust, overpower, Charles Herbert Best, senior, go around, A-line, second-best, opera hat, longed-for, prizewinning, fat, trump out, above, foremost, caparison, perfection, flagship, unequaled, topper, feather, infamous, outstrip, elect, favored, chosen, queen, first-rate, old hand, eminent, celebrated, finest, prime, unparalleled, outmatch, A-1, most desirable, worst, par excellence, premier, optimal, record-breaking, top, unrivaled, dear, pet, signal, high-grade, Sunday-go-to-meeting, gaiety, noble, uppermost, incomparable, chief, button-down, get the better of, primo, cap, superfine, pink, record, beat, superior, fabled, matchless, greater, precious, outperform, larger, outgo, predominant, ruff, famous, leading, first, good, surpass, overshadow, aristocracy, transcendent, top hat, win, choice, exceed, priesthood, master, distinguished, high hat, top-grade, cream, pick, excel, unsurpassable, excellent, notorious, scoop, supreme, the gold standard, smash, king.

hoi polloi, dishabille, disarray, last, herd, pessimum, commoners, masses, inadvisable, unadvisable, rank and file, multitude, mob, unwashed, bottom, tatters, worst, pessimal, millions, lowest, last-place.

Examples of usage:

1) We must show up at our best. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) " But I have not quite made up my mind as to the best course," said Richard Maule. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I felt as one feels when he looks for the last time upon the face of his best friend. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.