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Spell check of fast

Correct spelling: fast

unbendable, unfluctuating, fastened, darting, steady, supersmart, monastic, solid, underhand, exotic, licentious, smart, duplicitous, sluggish, brainy, rushing, wanton, ungoverned, hastening, sharp, little, bent, at, libertine, one-way, dissolute, sharp-witted, brisk, express, arterial, devoted, restraint, immediate, prestissimo, lewd, galloping, hell-for-leather, slow, apace, hurrying, tinted, dissipated, disruptive, tense, light-footed, full tilt, straightaway, short, scurrying, keen, enclosed, red hot, tighten, alacritous, sturdy, precipitate, electric, instant, flirtatious, forward, pious, dedicated, sound, tight, steadfast, high-speed, expeditious, wedged, diet, jammed, true-blue, brown-bag, like a shot, femininity, andantino, profligate, zippy, degraded, Allegiant, extravagant, trust, card-playing, inactive, darkroom, in a flash, loose, rapid, about, fasting, digicam, free, living, flying, running, austere, good, fast-flying, brash, rakish, mercurial, starve, hot, high-velocity, sure, abandoned, presto, clinging, pronto, closely, developer, washable, shifty, fraudulent, half-hour, stuck, devalued, continue, rapid-fire, troubled, frenetic, profuse, alive, right now, secure, feeder, female, unshakable, unfaltering, compelling, boom, suddenly, secured, like mad, faithful, light, active, latched, at once, shady, bombproof, thrilling, ahead, speeding, smooth, quick-witted, whorish, carnivore, uninhibited, hurried, double-dealing, sporting, indelible, barred, gracious, stiff, meteoric, passable, colorfast, unbridled, colored, snug, immobile, lickety-split, splitting, womanly, vivace, cannibalism, fleet, prompt, color-coded, spendthrift, dashing, celluloid, straight, exciting, bohemian, eventful, cartridge, flat out, debauched, nippy, headlong, locked, on-the-spot, unwavering, rogue, blistering, constant, underhanded, bright, cannibal, nimble, camera, guileful, a.m., dyed, deceptive, truehearted, whirlwind, snappy, unrestrained, fixed, bleached, detox, durable, deft, aperture, luxuriant, fleet-footed, uncontrolled, winged, down-the-line, accelerating, brief, frozen, staunch, unconstrained, debased, camcorder, degenerate, strong, racing, liege, matronly, instantly, dramatic, prodigal, stable, riotous, bustling, crooked, immoral, bolted, wild, fleeting, cold, exhilarating, womanhood, breakneck, double-quick, set, quick, true, pert, New Age, accelerated, stalwart, exceptional, clever, promptly, incontinent, spry, breathless, easy, two-way, posthaste, lightning, Atkins diet, deceive, ablaze, allegro, waterproof, abrupt, hyperintelligent, rattling, back-to-nature, urgent, lasting, turbulent, speedy, misbehave, bold, tumultuous, tenacious, loyal, crash diet, ready, taut, lodged, devout, swift, clean, ASA, after, brilliant, feverish, ultrasmart, quickly, betting, impassable, pelting, lush, enthralling, abstemious, exuberant, feminine, agile, firm, swift-footed, around, impatient, dizzy, instantaneous, chintzy, warm, alert, allegretto, close, straight away, hasty, immovable.

everlasting, mindless, dumb, noncausative, unsmooth, traitorous, long-playing, lazy, hesitant, uncertain, doltish, honorable, unsubstantial, forthright, harebrained, dubious, unthinking, pinheaded, long-drawn-out, dragging, longish, decent, daft, weak, weak-minded, tomfool, long-range, unsecured, expanded, dawdling, simpleminded, gormless, rickety, ignorant, dim, crazy, lento, nonsensical, languid, dallying, tardy, faithless, screwball, drawn-out, zany, imbecile, larghetto, bumper-to-bumper, extended, dislodged, unending, unsteady, balmy, dopey, half-witted, dorky, leisurely, rough, unfixed, lingering, faltering, supplemented, wavering, lowbrow, nonintellectual, featherheaded, protracted, measured, unintelligent, witless, interminable, great, dull, tottering, cockeyed, laggard, crackpot, long-play, permanent, unbalanced, moderato, absurd, long, larghissimo, prolonged, infirm, andante, simple, unfastened, slow-witted, loose, noncausal, slow-moving, far, feebleminded, mad, unreliable, thick-witted, persistent, lamebrain, loosened, pervious, dunderheaded, crawling, pokey, unsound, foolish, irresolute, sappy, apathetic, insane, illiterate, freed, deliberate, silly, moral, empty-headed, ethical, recreant, idiotic, perfidious, airheaded, unwise, insecure, daffy, uninterested, unintellectual, thickheaded, uneducated, chuckleheaded, dilatory, straightforward, long-term, yielding, nutty, fool, false, upright, sluggish, overlong, long-lived, lunkheaded, dotty, tottery, sulky, detached, thick, scrupulous, untaught, wobbly, vacillating, late, softheaded, movable, loony, uninformed, dispassionate, brainless, inconstant, dippy, dim-witted, enlarged, obtuse, vacuous, dense, plodding, straight, honest, disloyal, unhurried, untrue, unfaithful, brain-dead, shaky, endless, bubbleheaded, conscientious, untrustworthy, boneheaded, senseless, undependable, dillydallying, just, unstable, undone, fatuous, half-baked, adagio, kooky, lengthy, aboveboard, unsmart, wacky, unattached, opaque, soft, lentissimo, cuckoo, unbound, asinine, treacherous, poking, birdbrained, moronic, slow, preposterous, irresponsible, poky, lunatic, fickle, largo.

Examples of usage:

1) Taking advantage of the excitement, Porler, for it was he, had left the grounds as fast as possible. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) His mind was thinking fast. - "The Foreign Hand Tie", Gordon Randall Garrett.

3) I wouldn't be fit to be a soldier if I didn't know how to stand fast. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.