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Spell check of baby

Correct spelling: baby

mortal, foil, negligible, ball up, beggarly, overindulge, cosset, bambino, little, preliminary, Genesis, acquirement, foremost, fumble, charter member, calling, dead-end job, child, wimp, fussbudget, newborn, urchin, foundling, miserly, sis, wight, bodge, nascent, nipper, bobble, bud, bilk, madam, modest, coddle, minimal, sniveler, early, lady, nursling, corrupt, cub, initial, youth, flub, botch, delicate, complainer, blow, budding, small fry, attainment, foster, waif, baffle, short, piddling, griper, commissioner, pardner, slob, introductory, coup, fish, hatching, youthful, wee, teeny-weeny, triumph, bird, nestling, vitiate, formative, original, foul up, cater, stingy, infantile, cocker, girls, core, aboriginal, honey, specimen, mate, thwart, soul, bollocks up, emerging, life, childish, first, academician, mollycoddle, cuddle, sprout, muck up, beginning, pamper, human being, chore, fusser, boy, feeder, nugatory, day job, scant, immature, sparing, branch, head, kvetch, inaugural, personage, bollix, bundle of joy, maiden, dawned, preparatory, paltry, pocket, arriviste, babe, embryonic, chicken, lad, chick, defend, cookie, girl, luxuriate, greens, slim, sort, fluff, mar, precursory, squash, compact, miss, indulge, screw up, duck, shaver, scout, trifling, toddler, watch over, babe in arms, microscopic, go bad, whiner, fusspot, meager, dwarfish, ma'am, pansy, mess up, sugar, kid, starting, humor, bro, filly, weeny, bullock, tiny, commencing, guard, neonate, lass, plunder, face, cherish, chickenshit, pander, botch up, girlfriend, bumble, make much of, dandle, body, petite, fetal, man, coward, scrawny, blue baby, young, teeny, stiff, cross, primeval, confederate, designer baby, slight, stripling, milquetoast, niggardly, kin, protect, alpha, sprouting, success, thing, primal, alumnus, fawn, achievement, smallish, shelter, toy, desk job, nurse, weakling, infant, bairn, scanty, ungenerous, primordial, individual, new, minute, bollix up, associate, babyish, cover, spoil, safeguard, calf, deficient, puny, busywork, bod, consultancy, person, child labor, foal, creature, bungle, party, being, colt, gratify, violate, shield, incipient, louse up, milksop, teensy, nebbish, slip, fry, customer, diminutive, mishandle, frustrate, scotch, sprig, pet, impair, bellyacher, miniature, featherbed, deflower, juvenile, despoil, youngster, character, root vegetable, fledgling, spare, egg, stand up for, picayune, bantam, brood, tike, minor, sister, itty-bitty, tyke, sunshine, itch, grumbler, tiddler, sapling, guy, save, small, innocent, germinal.

catastrophe, adult, fiasco, failure, debacle, loss, shambles, nonachievement, cock-up, fizzle, beastie, bust, dud, critter, elder, senior citizen, flop, brute, beast, botch, graybeard, old-timer, washout, animal, disappointment, oldster, bummer, muddle, letdown, senior, setback, disaster, grown-up, mess.

Examples of usage:

1) There is a great difference between one's thought about an infant, and one's feeling towards the actual baby. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) Still looking at the little baby face he added: " Heigho, heigho, it's bad, purty bad, but it's worse where there isn't even a dead wan!" - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) His father used to go away and be gone for days and leave the poor baby with his neighbors. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.