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Spell check of babyish

Correct spelling: babyish

born, adolescent, early, cherubic, puerile, childlike, adolescence, girlhood, badass, childish, childhood, classy, youth, flexible, infantile, kiddish, jejune, juvenile, adaptive, developmental, infantine, development, clingy, constitutionally, boyhood, flawed, immature, addictive.

experienced, worldly-wise, worldly, mature, cosmopolitan, knowing, grown-up, adult, sophisticated, smart.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he mutters something about " 28 years of service" and " babyish tricks," and gets up from the table. - "The Silent Mill", Hermann Sudermann.

2) He had gone to sleep directly, but Judith held him close; he was so little, so babyish, yet so soft and warm and clinging. - "Throckmorton", Molly Elliot Seawell.

3) In a burst of babyish fury, he- the ruler of France and the arbiter of Europe's fate- crawled so low as to seek revenge on a harmless woman. - "Superwomen", Albert Payson Terhune.