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Spell check of aboriginal

Correct spelling: aboriginal

incipient, old, clean, maiden, austere, citizen, commencing, unadulterated, immemorial, key, Aborigine, preliminary, dwelling, cardinal, embryonic, population, beginning, essential, new, virtuous, ancient, lodger, innocent, prime, hatching, resident, early, fundamental, atomic, honorable, guiltless, irreducible, indivisible, basic, abo, nascent, uncluttered, undiluted, elementary, sprouting, autochthonous, original, denizen, inmate, Australian Aborigine, autochthonic, primeval, unalloyed, indigenous, newborn, domestic, baby, angelic, untarnished, endemic, alpha, emerging, simple, inaugural, uncreated, populace, patriarchal, stark, occupant, stainless, blameless, germinal, chaste, foundational, pure, spotless, initial, pristine, immaculate, infant, starting, simon-pure, infantile, unblemished, indigene, primaeval, clear, inhabitant, decent, Genesis, sinless, primal, first, indigen, primordial, unsullied, purebred, foremost, fetal, tenant, undefiled, plain, occupying, elemental, budding, native, formative, central, precursory, incumbent, primitive, earliest, unadorned, dweller, basal, bare, white, born, primary, native Australian, faultless, introductory, autochthonal, monolithic, untainted, lodging, preparatory.

foreign, middle, imported, exotic, introduced, recent, immigrant, adventitious, nonnative, novel, strange, fresh, new, expatriate, transplanted, late, modern, alien.

Examples of usage:

1) According to Mr. Hale, they present the remarkable phenomenon of an aboriginal stock having increased from about four hundred to twelve hundred, instead of diminishing. - "The Ethnology of the British Colonies and Dependencies", Robert Gordon Latham.

2) The lads had never heard an aboriginal speak before. - "In the Musgrave Ranges", Jim Bushman.