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Spell check of countrywoman

Correct spelling: countrywoman

mass, birthright, citizenship, commoner, bourgeois, countryman, fellow citizen, group, bumpkin, people, mob, rabble, masses, peasantry, crowd, citizenry, hayseed, provincial, throng, great unwashed, the body politic, horde, rustic, public, proletariat, yokel, bourgeoisie, compatriot, community, legion, citizen, villager, aboriginal, hick, multitude, host, populace, country cousin.

Examples of usage:

1) It was made all the more clear to her when she recalled that when Ramerrez' messenger had brought his master's message that she was to meet him, she had asked where the band's next rendezvous was to be, and that he, knowing full well that his countrywoman had ever been cognizant of his master's plans, had freely given the desired information. - "The Girl of the Golden West", David Belasco.

2) His countrywoman was the one adversary whom he never thought of cursing. - "The Missourian", Eugene P. (Eugene Percy) Lyle.

3) I shall be at home at five o'clock this evening, if you care to take pity on a lonely countrywoman. - "Roden's Corner", Henry Seton Merriman.