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Spell check of deflate

Correct spelling: deflate

decrement, flatten, devalue, shave, lighten, nip, compress, shrink, deplete, weed, discredit, clip, slash, subside, lessen, diminish, abate, even, curtail, wither, cut, die down, erode, truncate, plane, condense, puncture, cull, contract, deduct, squish, explode, abridge, drain, lower, depreciate, devaluate, trim, abbreviate, compact, crop, smooth, concentrate, belittle, recede, grade, pare, empty, discount, level, dwindle, discourage, debase, shorten, degrade, reduce, squeeze, taper, minimize, value, shoot down, humble, prune, debunk, bob, decrease, downgrade, cheapen, mark down, shear.

blow up, inflate.

Examples of usage:

1) I hoped their version of the incident would help deflate Kramer's standing among the malcontents. - "Greylorn", John Keith Laumer.

2) If he could only deflate the Connie's suit! - "Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet", Harold Leland Goodwin.

3) The plump soft body of Burl Jasperson seemed to deflate. - "The Star Lord", Boyd Ellanby.