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Spell check of deal

Correct spelling: deal

debate, quantity, position, opportunity, portion, fix, multitude, surge, deliberate, contest, plateful, transmit, distinguish, locoweed, write out, plow, cherry, scads, grass, view, event, sess, count, pact, hired man, lot, jalopy, transaction, slew, jam, hatch, accept, corporation, get, stipulation, choose, barter, comprehend, quid, take aim, partake, guide, stack, wangle, hold, go on, recognise, see, make, voltaic pile, sleep with, weed, push-down list, contend, venture, bestowal, submit, fight, divide, smoke, act up, cud, behavior, adopt, oodles, report, mitt, engage, pack, pass, quote, mickle, bridge player, acquit, treaty, agreement, love, preserve, potentiometer, promise, destiny, atomic pile, consume, alliance, disseminate, superintend, take, megabucks, plenty, proceeding, compact, visual modality, have it off, cumulation, multiplicity, get out, bulk, bay window, allow, endow, come up to, pickle, buy, sleep together, turn, parcel out, dole out, propagate, plethora, throne, brood, understanding, pledge, bucket, kettle of fish, deliver, acquiescence, submission, get it on, believe, spot, draw, do, wish, bushel, make love, trade, allocate, look at, convey, steal, patronage, bus, potbelly, chain reactor, pass over, pass on, donation, retail, impart, commode, get over, bid, make do, select, bang, traffic, hide, deport, fold, luck, bring off, great deal, get away, ingest, cover up, hatful, bear on, fence, climate, withdraw, necessitate, roll in the hay, shoot, give, tell apart, fate, environment, deal out, accordance, pick out, basketful, serve up, hundred, gobs, neck, carry off, portion out, dispense, learn, vend, haggle, do by, contain, jackpot, compete, partake in, exchange, occupy, shell out, diffuse, plentifulness, sens, admit, advance, fill in, brushwood, care, mound, unanimity, grip, wealth, budget, muddle, eff, chew, myriad, conceive, ration, store, moot, shipload, plough, cut, care for, plenteousness, exact, direct, circumstance, caboodle, receive, mount, contract, serve, get across, get hold of, barrel, track, administer, collect, cards, carload, betray, apportion, recognize, pass around, context, sell, human nature, deal with, complete, potty, study, chaw, comport, strike, address, bundle, hire, handwriting, circumstances, consent, carry on, appoint, mussiness, administrate, vie, proceed, come, push-down store, bond, involve, give out, take in, inclination, galvanic pile, call, accord, concord, bunch, mete out, offering, hump, earmark, process, atomic reactor, postulate, accession, grapple, lease, mass, split, instinct, palm, profusion, wrap up, take up, circulate, behave, circularize, remove, have intercourse, cope, rent, circle, present, use up, stool, craft, turn over, drive, repugn, superabundance, underwrite, breed, spread, encompass, partition, cite, allot, continue, manage, nap, have a go at it, citation, deal in, get laid, discern, channel, cut across, gage, settlement, upsurge, survey, disperse, loads, insure, dealings, interchange, concordance, parcel, uphold, read, mess hall, bonk, fill out, chunk, paw, capitulation, sight, masses, know, handle, hand out, skunk, lie with, green goddess, arrangement, consider, get along, reckon, escape, swap, merchandise, mete, spread over, lashings, train, have it away, take away, grand slam, embrace, shroud, acceptance, spate, dozen, regard, compensate, pull off, business deal, like, whole slew, manus, argue, swop, ken, mountain, cut through, negociate, call for, volume, peck, chance, appropriate, disposition, reams, attempt, raise, regale, distribute, sale, stilt, invitation, gift, offer, conduct, posture, divvy up, accost, issue, segment, boatload, market, quotation, extend, invite, do it, truckload, investiture, struggle, dummy, balsa, script, covenant, aim, approach, oversee, endowment, spile, cedar, ton, compromise, dish up, treat, flowerpot, dealer, ask, need, bargain, overlay, sheaf, push-down storage, full house, people, softwood, overcompensate, set, speak, turn to, fistful, get by, grant, take on, auction, clutch, vision, require, pass out, piling, woody, measure, brush, assume, tummy, troop, transfer, subscribe, hand, freshet, assent, acquire, assign, jazz, film, overture, divvy, bestow, bring, wield, pile, consensus, muss, heap, tidy sum, trade wind, flush, mint, conditions, crapper, cover, hired hand, situation, fortune, subscribe to, plenitude, supervise, mint candy, mess, slice, kitty, visual sense, cross, be intimate, schtick, circularise, whole lot, good deal, traverse, concurrence, carry, charter, yard, incubate, weigh, appointment, trade in, fare, background, stagger, potful, outlook, flock, batch, think, plug, ash, fill, push-down stack, rush, wad, bed, band, agglomerate, switch, broadcast, birch, make out, smokestack, big money, claim, concession, have sex, hoi polloi, lead, state of affairs, give care, shuffle, have, plentitude, messiness, push, big bucks, peddle, demand, raft, quite a little, worry, cumulus, merchant, helping hand, bear, render, get off, abundance, can, common ground, beech, dish out, finagle, tender, chestnut, enshroud, down, empathy, passel, share, much, muckle, free trade, dish, spirit.

glimmer, tittle, streak, modicum, taste, section, smattering, ace, scarcity, collect, spot, scrap, suspicion, nubbin, hint, smidgen, mouthful, deficiency, fragment, peanuts, fleck, receive, iota, shadow, portion, pinch, paucity, mite, molecule, deficit, scintilla, morsel, skimpiness, atom, crumb, shred, drop, consolidate, lack, sprinkling, speck, nip, pittance, dram, scantiness, trace, mote, famine, inadequacy, undersupply, absence, handful, smatter, lick, dab, granule, dot, particle, sprinkle, touch, strain, piece, retain, whit, want, shortage, scantness, driblet, poverty, shade, cling to, ray, flyspeck, dash, scruple, jot, scarceness, little, bit, shot, grain, tad, insufficiency, ounce, meagerness, dearth.

Examples of usage:

1) " There's a great deal to be said for your plan," she said. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) No, but I used to think a good deal more than I said. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) I'd give a good deal to know what this man's secret was. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.