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Spell check of grant

Correct spelling: grant

parcel out, profess, confess, permit, present, reach, dish out, ease up, select, succumb, assist, assignment, tender, advance, subsidy, subvention, allow for, annuity, submission, appointment, sweetener, reward, fit in, offer, relent, own, generate, designation, pass on, serve, clothe, founder, mete out, help, impart, quotation, gift, countenance, invite, convey, quote, let, assigning, cater, Duncan James Corrow Grant, cede, replenish, stimulation, make, bonus, entice, give up, yield, contribute, attribute, portion, naming, share, fess up, wages, deed, remuneration, dole, leave, tempt, amends, hand over, issue, mandate, turn over, take into account, throw, concord, shower, treat, investiture, allot, contribution, inducement, atonement, endow, agree, alienate, establish, render, allow, let on, give in, furnish, subsidization, vouchsafe, plum, prize, incentive, feed, deed over, give, acknowledge, fellowship, lavish, Hiram Ulysses Grant, deal, scholarship, extend, apply, honor, pay, assign, shell out, temptation, Ulysses S. Grant, ascribe, fall in, commit, citation, overture, bid, lend, bequeath, break, benefaction, bestow, boon, honorarium, deliver, confer, consort, set aside, accord, pass, devote, harmonize, gratuity, empower, entitlement, allotment, yielding, President Grant, knowledge, collapse, Ulysses Grant, alien, afford, portion out, enticement, lot, dispense, consideration, expend, privilege, endowment, duty assignment, bequest, knuckle under, fund, tribute, hand, set apart, law, allowance, cite, induce, distribute, donation, deploy, Rhodes Scholarship, sweepstakes, bursary, payment, sign over, conceding, approach, board, wage, earmark, allocation, subsidisation, open, submit, disburse, provision, transfer, kick in, deployment, reserve, lure, affirm, bounty, award, return, donate, change hands, replenishment, bear, approve, appoint, sell, dispensation, chip in, tip, soften, carrot, concede, Ulysses Simpson Grant, divide, deal out, invitation, harmonise, administer, consign, reinforce, Duncan Grant, compensate, pocket money, offering, authorize, destine, send, dedicate, bestowal, pledge, move over, dole out, remunerate, exchange, avow, reload, sacrifice, concession, buckle under, make over, appropriate, stipend, ration, have, provide, consecrate, give way, sweeten, delivery, cave in, Cary Grant, surrender, hold, admit, attempt, supply, tolerate, compensation, apportion.

deny, retain, refuse, confiscate, withhold, seize, appropriate, resume.

Examples of usage:

1) The land clouds of Grant Land were still visible. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) I have always believed that my acquaintances have had this opinion of me, and that for this reason they did not grant me the charity I felt the need of. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) " Then I think I will refuse," he said, " though I would give twenty years of my life to grant your request. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.